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Okay, so its been a while for real. But what better time then a snow day after consuming 2 whole Paleo sushi rolls and 14 episodes of Breaking Bad!? I will fill you all in on stuff & things. Ready? Eating (a lot of non paleo stuff) , sleeping, working, eating, and Crossfitting. And then eating some more. (But really..I think my blood December 31st was running 88% Christmas cookie and 12% regret. My body has never been so excited to go back to Paleo…) Had many holiday parties/work stuff going on between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and some things going on at home… Had a minor emergency, like when I was taking glitter nail polish off my nails and ran out of Nail Polish Remover–then out of sheer laziness only had 3 nails painted for a few days. That was rough on my overall dignity until I could get my ass to the store, but I muscled through. uhhhh…yeah. That pretty much sums up October to now.

On a quick side note that will lead to New Years goals– today I was on Facebook and 3 people I know got engaged. THREE people! Just today. And look, I’m not annoyed or anything–I’m honestly really happy for those people. I think it’s a huge deal to find the person you wanna spend the rest of your life with. I think when you know, you know! But shit…having that said…..I can’t even imagine being engaged right now!! I have so many activities to do before then! The last thing I was actually, “engaged” in was a really hard word jumble in this weekend’s paper. I got stuck on, “NEPCAR”….which was apparently, “PRANCE.”(I also may or may not have gotten sidetracked reading Garfield…) Or when I’m in the kitchen engaged in cooking a baller veggie avocado omelette while simultaneously nailing a Kid Cudi rap verse after the 100th listen.  Or maybe when I’m at Crossfit and I’m carefully engaged in making sure the wall ball doesn’t smack me square in the face, or slapping another 2.5 lb plate onto a loaded barbell just to see if that will make or break me being able to lift it.

But I can’t even think of actually being engaged to SOMEONE right now. That’s the rest of your LIFE. That’s a long time!!! (If you haven’t seen this Aziz/conan interview where he talks about getting engaged…he can explain it better than I can. This is exactly what I mean–I promise it’s worth the 4 minutes.) I am excited for the time in my life where I find the right person and that DOES happen, and to be in a relationship again, but right now I’m in no rush. I have some goals for this year, and I’m pretty damn excited about them.

As with many people, I have just a couple “resolutions” for this new year. Some of these include: Crossfitting 5 days a week, eating Paleo through 2014 doing 80% Paleo 20% normal food (with some adjustments–I’ll mention later), get a better grip on saving my money, start journaling, do one kind act a day…..get a six pack, start my own neon gym clothing line, and make millions making the cleanest, bluest crystal meth that the Mexican Drug Cartel has ever seen.

Okay…so some are probably more realistic than others. And one may have already been achieved by a chemist from Albuquerque. Always have to have that one, “black sheep” goal, right?!

But coming back on this blog regularly is another goal of mine. So tonight, I wanted to share the Paleo sushi recipe(s) I’ve used the past 2 days. I had really been craving something other than chicken and turkey, and I had these Nori papers straight up chillen in my cabinet for 2 months. At Fairway on Thursday night getting canned coconut milk, I stumbled upon the, “Asian” section of the aisle and saw a little bamboo sushi rolling mat. That was all I needed to spur an experimental sushi night, along with some non-soy sauce coconut aminos and wasabi powder (did you know that you just add cold water and it makes wasabi?! black magic.)

I then went over to the seafood section and carefully selected fish for the rolls. I really know nothing about raw fish, so I was a little nervous about just going real rogue with some raw tuna or using that creepy imitation crab meat. (But really…what is that?) I then asked the guy for a Snow King Crab leg (They are HUGE…all they had were just the legs and I got freaked out thinking how big they must be. I had to look it up–here you go. Terrifying.) I also picked up some avocado, shredded carrot, and cucumber for the sushi veggies. When I got home I realized I forgot Cauliflower for the “rice”–so I used plain Quinoa instead.

Quick note on Quinoa…I realize that Quinoa is NOT technically Paleo. Why? Because it’s a pseudo grain (it explains it more here.) I know in general with Paleo stuff, a lot of it comes down to what personally upsets your stomach. Some people can have certain foods and be just fine. Quinoa never upsets my stomach–and now Crossfitting a lot more every week/running I find when I have it occasionally it gives me more energy. I originally felt bad about this, but I have to say just in general with Paleo it’s on a pretty individual basis. The point of the whole30 and post whole30, “food re-introduction” is to see which foods can “trigger” bad digestive responses in your own body. So I’ll be making a few minor judgement calls like that…just nothing like, “I need 15.5 Paleo cookies and 4 pieces of Bacon daily in order to efficiently run.” (Although I still believe this to be true in my delusional dreams, I know that isn’t going to make me get in the type of shape I want to be.) I’m a lot better at Paleo then I was in August when I was eating fruit all day.

But back to the sushi…I put all the ingredients together and it came together pretty well. Because the Quinoa wasn’t so sticky, the rolls fell apart a little. Then my dad came home and I just looked like a slob eating a giant mixture of sushi gut insides. (Once, twice, three times a lady….) Anywhoo- I pulled from a few different recipes (1, 2, 3 ) and took some of my own liberties as well. It’s fun to get creative with them! (coconut shrimp and snow king crab leg rolls below)

IMG_0034 IMG_0033 IMG_0032Tonight I did things a little differently and actually made the rolls with Cauliflower rice. It was SUPER easy to make(and really yummy)–Just get a cheese grater to give it that rice-like texture. If you blend it, most likely it will turn into mashed potatoes…so I recommend the grater. Then, I put it in a pan with a little coconut oil to steam and just a LITTLE raw honey to get it to stick together. I also opted with organic canned tuna–because just HALF a snow king crab leg was like $8 at Fairway.( Apparently Thursday night I just wanted to eat like a boss.) With the tuna, I did my own mix of a small amount of organic dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and mashed avocado. I put it on a Nori roll with the, “rice”, avocado, carrot, and mango and wow..it came out awesome. I had 2 rolls and didn’t even feel guilty about it since it was all veggies/tuna.



And it wasn’t as hard to do as I thought! Mostly just getting all the ingredients together. I’m probably going to start doing it more often and with different veggies/seafood to switch things up a bit! I have some fun Paleo recipes in mind for this month 🙂

Alright, thats all for now kids.
If you have any resolutions, I hope you stick with em! 🙂



I lift things up and I put them down. (Barbells and eating utensils.)


🙂 Hope you’re all having a good pre-Halloween week! I haven’t seen that many absolutely whorrifying costumes pop up on my Facebook news feed just yet, but the week is young! And for the guys who love all the sluttiness this holiday has transformed into, you should probably check these out. I just want to say I don’t care how much you love Sesame Street characters, it should be a law to not turn them into slut form. It’s sacrilegious–you don’t eff with Big Bird! I’m so excited to take a trip down 90s memory lane for my Halloween costume–it’s a surprise and I’m working really hard on it. And by working hard on it I mean, as my college friends can attest, being a boss with the hot glue gun.

I’m also officially on door duty Thursday when all the trick or treaters come. Last year when this happened, I had to actually start rationing the candy by 8 PM because every little kid was taking candy from the bowl like it was the hunger games. This year, after my mom bought a first round of Halloween candy (she doesn’t eat any of it), I asked if my parents could be a little more careful with the candy and sweets around me due to my extreme lack of self control. Then I come home the next day and my dad purchased a costco-sized bag of all fun sized chocolate bars, waiting for me on the counter. It was, as I like to call it, the “No Chocolate Left Behind” bag: Snickers, Twix, Almond Joy (which for .5 seconds I almost justified as paleo) M&Ms, Reeses, KitKat…you get it. Well when nobody was home I had pretty much no question in my mind what kind of scenario was going to go down. No further comment on this matter.

But the good news for the children this year is unlike last year when they each took 6 pieces and I yelled, “Please only take 1-2, there is a RECESSION.” (then shot a look at the parents. I was in a bad place…I was trying to get another job and pretty pissed at Obama. As Dumbledore said, those were dark times, Harry. Dark times…) But this year I am going to be giving candy out like we’re on Oprah’s Favorite things episode. “And you get 5 twix, and you get 5 snickers!” I should even throw in a box of glutonous pasta amongst other things I can’t have anymore.

Moooving right along…So somewhere between this post and last, I decided to do Whole 30 again. At the BBQ after Barbells for Boobs, a few of us were talking and realized it probably wouldn’t hurt to get back on track–so now it’s a little competition at my gym this month. It’s only been about a week, but I am realizing just how hard it is to do it again once you’ve proven you can do it once before. I am also even less willing to give up beer/alcohol…I need it. When you’re commute is 3-4 hours everyday, it’s almost hard to keep your sanity. However, I feel semi-responsible given the crappy effort I’ve done to train for my Philly Half. So I’ll attempt to significantly cut it down…but I will be drinking a bit on Halloween. Sorry I’m not sorry. Also, I’m really sorry I used that phrase. Please don’t judge me, I already judge myself.

So one night this past week my neighbor Christine came over to hang out for a bit. Christine is a good friend of mine and used to babysit me when I was a lot younger…and I’m sure I was a miniature nightmare. (Whether I still am is debatable.) Let me tell you all a little fun fact…to this day, I don’ think Christine has seen the end of the Lion King because I used to run, yell and hide behind the couch right before Mufasa was about to die. So I would make her rewind it to the beginning and watch it again. So obviously after years of being a bratty babysit-ee and also not seeing each other in a while I decided I would cook her something nice 🙂 After work I stopped off at Fairway (nobody is surprised) and picked up this little beauty below…(sorry the pictures are so small. damn iphone-click to enlarge.)

photo 1 photo 4

That would be a pork loin stuffed with Turkish apricots and dates….and my mom was nice enough to bring home a special that day–BACON wrapped scallops over steamed spinach from our restaurant, Osso Buco. I just want to say that if Jesus ever had a dinner party, those penguin suit waiters would be carrying these around. (And craft beer.) They are THAT good. Ugh. To cook the pork, I put the pork loin in a layer of organic apple cider, rubbed some salt/pepper/garlic/olive oil on it (theres enough fat/juice in the pork) and put sweet potatoe and apple chunks around it, and popped it in the oven around 375 degrees. It came out awesome, you want it to brown but also to keep an eye on it because you definitely want it to be juicy! Time is dependent on how big that sucker is.


photo 4I also got to make some homemade chicken salad for work, which was relatively easy. Just grilled up plain chicken, I made the mayo myself (takes 15 minutes–just egg, olive oil, organic dijon mustard and lemon…) This is great because you can make some pretty big batches of it, and throw it on top of salad, eat it hot or cold, and its a nice snack with protein. Just don’t overdo it with the craisins like I did…this was before I started whole 30 and they’re definitely not. As I’ve started this whole 30, I’m also trying to be wary of excess fruit I’m consuming. As I said last post, my friend Sam let me borrow his, “It Starts with Food” Whole 9 book and I’m learning all over again why I can’t have any of this stuff. Apparently, fruit in large portions is still enough to spike your blood sugar and cause those cravings for bad things. As sad as it was, I had to say goodbye to grapes yesterday for a little while.

Okay, gonna switch over to Crossfit talk now. So I had plans change last minute, and decided since that Saturday was now free to sign up for Barbells for Boobs at my box. Essentially, you do the, “Grace” Crossfit workout for Breast Cancer awareness month…which is 30 clean and jerks for time. I am excited because I was able to fundraise $125 dollars just 2 days before when I wasn’t sure I could get anything there at all. (Thank you to all who donated!!). My gym met goal too which was awesome! So I was a little nervous, but this was more of a smaller event with just my gym. I did it and I ended up having a really great time. I would post the time, but I know I was under the standard weight for Grace. Competing still makes me a little nervous–and I was more focused on not compromising form then on doing it sloppily with more weight. It was more of just a fun event for a good cause.

photo 2    The following Saturday, I had also signed up for the Scream And Clean with my friends MG, Sam and Brian. (2 guys, 2 girls). It took place at Danbury Crossfit in CT with many other boxes from around NY/CT/etc. We decided to be the Blue Barracudas from legends of the hidden temple (I don’t even think anyone really knew because we didn’t have the gold helmets. next time!) Just to break it down, there were 3 WODS (workouts) in both scaled and RX. (We were in scaled, RX is fricken hard and for experienced Crossfitters) The first WOD was both girls/guys switch off doing dead lifts, clean and jerks, and push presses. I forgot how annoying push presses are…my arms definitely need work!

Next wod was a little more fun in my opinion…guy/girl sets, both the guy and girl have to do 500 m row, then split between the two 100 American Kettlebell swings, 75 box jumps and 50 hand release pushups. I have to say I used to love box jumps cause I’m a weirdo, but after a certain amount where I literally tried to propel myself and got NOTHING, it went down on my preferred workout list haha…I also love rowing. I like finding that systematic motion and amount of strength/pull, its kind of a rhythm.

Last, was a max weight front squat. All four of us had 12 minutes to get 10 front squats in at a max working weight for each of us. I did 10 at 85 lbs, and after everyone went, I gave 95 a shot…the problem through the whole thing was we were definitely rushing and throwing around 10, 15, 25, and 25 lb dumbbell weights on the ends, and the judge kept asking us how much weight we had for each person– totally his job!! 😡 — so we kept obviously getting confused. Later, when I was failing to figure out what my max weight actually was, I decided to just go over to the practice bar in the other room and give it a go. I did 105 front squat, and was really excited about it! New PR for me. I can slowly feel a lot of this getting easier…in the way the movements feel more natural as you start to get better. Kinda wish I could fast forward 5-8 months, but I know you can’t rush these things 🙂

Our team, the “Rockland Rebels” (aka pee wee softball team name as I like to call it) came in last in scaled (however…so many teams really should have been in RX, but sometimes the guys can’t find 2 girl partners who are equally as skilled yet) but even so I really just did not care. I still don’t. I signed up to have fun with my friends and I had a blast with everyone at Rebel, and I got to meet some great people too. I also got over my Crossfit competition phobia that people weren’t going to be as nice haha (Some of the girls during equestrian competitions I used to go to in college were NOT nice.) It’s nice to be able to talk to people about all this stuff, especially when I KNOW non-Crossfitters can’t really muster up a shit to give about a lot of it. And I really don’t blame them. I mean, when I think of football, I don’t watch it, I don’t really get a lot of it and because of that I don’t like talking about it. (But i DO like wings and beer. Football fans definitely got that right.)

Also, I’ve been training on the weekends for the Philly half….and I’m sad to say it’s probably going to be my last one for a little while. I put in 10 miles 2 weeks ago (struggle CITY) and will be doing more this weekend….but I just feel like I don’t have the desire to run as often as I used to. It doesn’t mean I’ll cut it out completely….I still love it. But we need a little break from each other. (Plus I get teased at my gym for doing it. Apparently people either love or absolutely loathe running.)

Alright, that’s it for now. If you were only here for the recipes and managed to stick through the second half of that, seriously, thanks.

And please post some good Halloween photos from this coming weekend. I need entertainment at work Monday!!


90/10….80/20….70/30….60/40? I hate math.

Hello my pretties!

Hope you all had a lovely Columbus Day weekend. Mine was full of running, family, and eating entirely unsafe quantities of non-paleo food. Yup, you read that right…but I’ll get to that in a bit.

First off I’ll say I know you are probably all tired of watching me fall, faceplant, tuck and roll, or whatever you’d like to call it off the Paleo wagon-particularly on the weekends (80/20 is the only way to comfortably live), and that some of you may think that this diet is incredibly masochistic (especially living in an Italian family who owns a restaurant) to begin with….BUT, since I’ve started this diet almost 3 months ago I really learned something this time around this past weekend that I found to be important–regarding self control.

As I was writing this article, (it was SLOW at work today…wow. A Girl could get used to that.), I started to read some other Paleo Blogs and with paleo diet ratios…I stumbled upon Robb Wolf’s blog. For (many) I’m sure of you who are reading this probably have no idea who he is, here–educate yourself. What you need to know is many Paleo people take his blog and pod casts very seriously, hes a great source for Paleo information.

The article I stumbled upon–that talks about Paleo ratios hit the nail right on the head for the phenomenon that happened this weekend and intermittently since I ended the Whole 30. If your really too lazy to read (but I would read it, he’s funny too!)…essentially to sort of sum it up he talks about the Paleo ratios that people after Whole 30 try to follow–which is different for everyone. He talks about the TYPES of cheats people allow themselves, and how some people may be a little, “disillusioned” about what having a healthy Paleo ratio really means. When I read this article I felt like he was talking to me, and I was a dog with its tail between its legs.

I realized that I have (gulp) been eating entirely too many Paleo “treats” lately and calling it a diet. What do Paleo treats entail precisely? Oh, 1/3 of the things I post on my Pinterest Paleo board and pretty much anything containing coconut flour, almond flour, paleo chocolate chips and other things of that nature. Are Paleo treats worse than having the really bad stuff—pizza, pasta, cheese and ice cream? No, definitely not. But in the article he addresses three types of cheating….Making too many “paleo-ified” treats, having “a cheat day” where you pretty much eat WHATEVER you want like your going to the electric chair because you tell yourself you CAN, and last–letting that 90/10 slide to 80/20, then to 70/30…then all of a sudden you magically don’t know how to count anymore and your face down on your kitchen floor with a box of vintage twinkies. Well…maybe thats not EXACTLY what he said but when I read it that’s what I see.

This wasn’t the direction that I wanted this post to go in when I started the post, but this article was a real eye opener. Where do I fall in this category? Well its difficult to tell–I’m a little bit of everything (all rolled into one… if you get this musical 90s reference I give you a cyber high five…) After my Whole 30 I set out to create some type of balance–I was 100% allowing myself alcohol (which beer is my big gluten vice…but for the most part I save drinking for the weekends and if I do drink Wine and Vodka are the more acceptable choices…) but at the same time on the weekends I’ll allow myself the occasional splurge food wise. To me, I don’t want to become so obsessed over food that I can’t be human and enjoy certain things from time to time-especially with my parents having an Italian restaurant. (My Italian ancestors are turning in their grave….) So this past weekend I was good during dinner there–no bread, dinner was Sol fish stuffed with crab meat and veggies on the side, and a glass of white wine. Then dessert came out–homemade tiramasu, hazelnut gelato ice cream with honey and toasted pecans…and I just fricken lost it. I had like 10 bites. (Later that night I got a little bit of candy from Fairway with my sister….those damn Australian licorice are my Achilles heel. I mean I was already on a roll….)

And your all probably thinking, “Stop being insane Carly. Your human…and your life isn’t a prison.” And, like I said–I am the QUEEN of rationalization. I am pretty certain I can help a hippo rationalize buying a bikini, but this is something I can’t keep making excuses for. I can’t tell people I live Paleo and then just half ass it–its not like me to half ass anything…I’m stubborn like that. I’ve been reading a lot about Paleo and I’m trying to educate myself more, but its still really easy to not do it properly. And here is the other part of why I can’t cheat–this article about common paleo misconceptions and THIS article (again…I would recommend just browsing these articles they bring up really great points if your thinking about why gluten/sugar is bad…) Essentially, they both talk about how our “gut” or intestine takes a while to recover, and the whole 30 really rids your system of anything that is difficult to digest, and your gut begins to heal and function properly. But when you slowly re-introduce things, you are essentially beginning to eff shit up again. It starts the bad cycles all over, and you feel all the bad repercussions again.

So this Sunday…I had many non paleo treats. I’m gonna make this blog like a Sunday church confessional, your the priest and I’ll tell you all. (How lucky are you?!) Okay…my sister had a big BBQ with like 7 girls so you can imagine the spread they had going—hard cheeses from Fairway, a baguette of bread, artichoke dip, fancy water table crackers (they’re fancy cause they’re called water table. what kind of fricken name is that?), fresh grapes, deli meat, and bottles of red and white wine…and that was just appetizer. There was also pork stuffed with arugula and basil, filet mignon, kale salad–and dessert was about 8 apple pies they had baked from the apples they got that day WITH ICE CREAM on top. How does someone cope without a straight jacket in this situation?! And if your wondering what I ate of all that stuff…it was everything. I left no stone unturned. I even had like 7 glasses of wine (I topped that bitch off. When I go, I go all out.)

And what happened later in the night? (Besides an hour long much needed wine nap) I woke up feeling like crap. My stomach hurt, I felt bloated like the Michelin Man, and overall had a low sense of morale (and dignity) by the end of the day. So that was an example of me taking a cheat day way too far, but the more important thing to look at here is that one piece of cheese is definitely not as bad as 30, but it’s still bad regardless. When I look back on Sunday I realized that not only did I cheat, but the more I cheated the hungrier I got for that kind of food–particularly the bread. This I’ve noticed in general when I let myself have a piece of pizza, or cookie or whatever on the weekends (even with beer…I have to keep realized that it’s pretty much liquid gluten). But from Whole 30 to now–that is the biggest thing I’ve realized. This is a real bodily reaction (click and read the nifty little graphic below, it really breaks down what gluten does to our body)

Our bodies have this never ending cycle of insulin production when you eat gluten, and that is why you are perpetually hungry when you eat that stuff. It messes with your system people! When you logically think about when you’re at a restaurant and you blink an eye and the entire bread basket is gone but your sitting alone, then maybe you’ll accept what I’m saying haha…Since starting this diet I have never been more in tune with my body–in terms of when I’m tired, how quick I fall asleep, how much extra energy I have, and now when I eat this food…this gluten and diary, I can see the difference in how I feel. It makes me feel awful and like I have no control over my cravings whatsoever. I turn into this red eyed cookie monster and can’t stop or just have one treat.

So after realizing all this, I have decided I  am going to pull the reins back on how often I make Paleo treats (Still will make and post maybe 1-2 times a month for treats haha) and also really cut back on how often I’m having treats on the weekend. Alcohol will stay the same for me (it has to!!!! haha) but I’m going to be more conscious of it. The other great point made on the blog from Robb Wolf’s website is if your gonna cheat- make sure its the best damn thing you can have of whatever your having. If it’s a cheeseburger with the bun, make sure you have no distractions and you better make it a damn romantic evening with you and that burger. Light candles, put on music, and have a moment. Anything mediocre is NOT worth having–and I’ve always believed this on the Paleo diet as well.

So whats my conclusion here? I am probably going to try leaning toward 80/20 or 90/10 stricktly if I can until Thanksgiving where its going to get tough…but the way I see this, if its making me feel really bloated and awful AND I am putting about 4-5 days a week at Crossfit and training again for the Philly Half–it’s almost a waste if I’m gonna start slowly eating things that are bad for me again. It gets really tough at times but I have a big sense of pride for sticking to the Paleo diet, for me it shows myself that I can do anything I set my mind to and that I A. am in control of what I eat, B. I don’t live to eat, I eat to live. Falling off track makes me hungrier all the time and not as happy.

Okay, that was my Paleopiphany for today. (side note…I have entirely too much fun making words with Paleo in it)

Thanks for anyone to stick around to read it. It was also probably one of the more informative of my posts….haha


This post is titled, for lack of a more creative name, “Look at all this stuff I cooked.”

Hello my little pumpkin spiced lattes! Long time no see.

I’ve decided I’m going to start calling friends food/drinks in this blog that I want incredibly badly but cant have (or can have in moderation), which is obviously a huge compliment and form of endearment from me. You’re welcome.

So much has gone on in the last month since I posted, and I’ve picked up this draft post like 10 times so just bear with me on the randomness/yet-another-lengthy-post.

First off….FALL IS HERE!!! (September didn’t count…mother nature’s going through menopause or something and the leaves aren’t changing until now) so FINALLY It’s time for me to take out my 100 flannel shirts and go apple picking…. And sing every word of the songs in the Nightmare before Christmas…quote Winnifred from Hocus Pocus and put an entirely pathetic amount of time into gathering my Halloween costume(s).

So what to do when it’s fall besides all of that stuff and to eat and drink everything pumpkin? Oktoberfest. The only reason I mentioned it is because I cheated really bad…and this deserves a shout out. Bear Mountain has Oktoberfest every year–with German food, music, beer steins, and some other stuff–if you haven’t gone yet you still have a few weekends. It was a blast–I went with some friends from Apple and we all stuffed our faces with Knotwurst, pretzels, beer….and this:

1234903_10201004044488169_127230040_n    1017355_10201005133075383_760677965_n

Belgian waffles with pumpkin pie ice cream. That, and a Dinkel Acker German beer. It felt like the adult equivalent of Christmas Morning…so it needed to be shared.

But onto the pumpkin food…I decided to make pumpkin turkey chili using my handy dandy slowcooker. I used this recipe and It came out really fantastic. I updated my spice rack completely as well (which for those of you who don’t know what that means, it just means burning your money…) but I know this will last me for a while. I got tamerin, paprika, nutmeg, coriander, cumin, chili powder, and some organic chicken/beef stock. I don’t know what half of those flavors even really taste like on their own, so it’s been kind of an adventure. I’ve been using my parents as guinea pigs, and the sheer look of terror they sport when I come at their face with a spoon full of paleo food should probably be documented. (In my defense, they’re always pleasantly surprised. They’re coming around–maybe soon my mom will actually figure out how to pronounce “Paleo” for me. I will feel like a proud mother hearing their child’s first word.)

The pumpkin turkey chili came out great–I just made entirely too much of it. I literally was pawning it off on my parents because my slow cooker has enough space to feed a college dorm full of hungry drunk girls. Looking back next time I should probably just freeze it…I also made butternut squash this month and it came out AMAZING-but I will make it in 2 weeks again for this group thing I go to so I will post about it then! 🙂

Another really great thing I came across was Chia seed pudding. For those of you who don’t know about Chia seeds-they have omega 3s, fiber, AND if you put them in water and let it sit for a little it helps your body to absorb the water better. I got together this past Sunday with my family at my aunts–and my cousin’s girlfriend told me about this Chia seed oatmeal she makes (she is gluten free) with gluten free oats, chia seeds, almond milk and a few other ingredients with fruit. I got to try a little and it was great, but obviously modifications had to be made–I found this recipe which looks great because it looks super hardy–I need a solid breakfast because coming back from Crossfit I’m so ravenously hungry that I can’t even get through getting ready for work without my stomach rudely interrupting my early morning shower singing. I haven’t cooked this recipe up yet–but I already have a large stock of pumpkin AND Chia seeds so when I do I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

It was really great to get together with my family and cook on Sunday…my aunt/uncle, mom, and my two cousins and their girlfriends. Earlier in the day my aunt, my cousins girlfriend and I went over to cheesecake factory for lunch (man this was a doozee…Cheesecake is essentially a diet bomb with menu entrees fit for the Hulk. I don’t physically understand how a plate that can fit a small child fits under normal food portioning standards…only in America.) Then, to add insult to injury they have a, “Skinnylicious” menu. First off, I can’t even read that without thinking about that stupid “housewife of I-don’t-care” state and her damn skinny martinis. I feel like a real asshole even reading it aloud to the waiter, and I purposely accented the word with heavy sarcasm to let him know that I was not amused. But they have a gluten-free menu which is actually kind of nice! So after reading I decided with all these stupid chemically processed ‘low fat dressings’ and literally, just normally portioned items, I decided to just make my own meal. I had them take the Kale salad (and dress it with balsamic instead of pepercorn dressing) with a burger, turkey and bacon on it…..it actually came out really amazing. I’ll probably order it everytime I’m there now–and then maybe they’ll call it the Carly and I’ll get famous so that I can finally reclaim my name and dignity from Carly Rae Jepson.

After brunch we headed over to Depiero’s farm in Woodcliff Lake (near where I used to work) so that my cousin’s girlfriend could get some veggies to bring back into the city and also so I could gallivant in the glory that is inexpensive, absolutely delicious produce. I always have a hard time finding good produce for cheap–and I’m really excited that a Fairway is now opening in Nanuet–it may make my hunting and gathering a lot easier now!  But the entire time I was gathering things for zucchini spaghetti (I’ll get to that in a bit) I had the amazing aroma of Apple Cider donuts pretty much attacking my nose. The whole place smelled like sugary goodness.

And let me just say something about Apple Cider donuts…there aren’t many treats anymore that I would want to break my diet for anymore. Dunkin donuts look gross to me now….cakes don’t do it or cookies…or chocolates…occasionally candy, DEFINITELY fro-yo and then there are Apple Cider donuts. They 100% fall into their own category. They are like the best of dessert and the best of fall wrapped up together….and when you eat them you subconsciously are brought back to Halloweens of yester-year. It’s like seriously an out of body experience. (I don’t care how dramatic that sounded. I have a deep passion for food. DEEP.) So naturally, my aunt picked up a large quantity for us to have later with the entire family after dinner. (Fall legal ecstasy pictured below. Let the drooling commence.)
photo 5

My aunt had mentioned apple crisp, so we picked up some apples for that–and naturally I started Pinterest-ing recipes in order to Paleo-ify it–we were having pasta for dinner and I needed to somehow salvage my amount of cheating for the day haha….We settled upon this recipe. I liked it because you don’t cut the apples the normal way…you do slices. This recipe called for pears, but I decided to switch off with tart granny smith and sweet fuji apples to give it an interesting mix. Now, this recipe has some butter and rolled gluten free oats so its not 100 percent paleo–but if you subbed coconut oil for the butter and then figured out some substitutes for the rolled oats like some nuts…I think it would be great as well. (The girls cutting the apples, and of course some apple cider)

photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2)photo 4 (2)photo 1

The finished product was amazing–it really had perfect flavor and wasn’t overwhelming at all. We didn’t have pecans which would probably really kicked it up a notch, but it was good nonetheless. Sadly, I kept thinking about how amazing it would be with ice cream–but I have been on a ROLL the past week landsliding my 80% paleo 20% ratio (in the past week it was more like 40% i-eat-what-i-want) so I stayed good. The apple caramelized really nicely!

Later in the evening, I was telling my Aunt about how I kept seeing a mandolin on all these paleo blogs–(I had to put a link to what it is…NO it’s not a four string guitar. its so much better) and later in the evening, she took out one she bought and hadn’t used and gave it to me! (If you’re reading this Aunt Denise THANK YOU I’m obsessed…) you can probably get them online or from Bed bath and beyond or Macys. So when I got home I took my fresh squash and went to town. There came a point where I was having so much fun I started looking for vegetables to grate through this thing! (Also…the Nutty Professor was on and so naturally I was in a great mood. HERCULES, HERCULES!…i love the music montage when he’s in the sweatsuit below)

photo 4 photo 3

Anyways, it was a really magical moment. You can interchange the blades too–and make things like butterfly fries with sweet potatoes. I gotta start looking up some more recipes. Upon making my lunch for the week, I decided I was gonna grill up some plain chicken and make something I’ve always wanted to try: homemade pesto. I was surprised how easy it was–just pine nuts, olive oil, baby spinach and basil blended up. The ratios of ingredients aren’t always exact though, so you may have to play around! I got the pesto recipe in preparation for THIS dish (minus the cheese, duh) that I made and added chicken for lunch this week. The great thing about using the mandolin for the squash is that the squash only takes 2-3 minutes in a saute pan to cook up! So easy for lazy people haha this recipe was really interesting, the squash in spaghetti form mixes it up rather then just cutting it in coins so I would recommend it to anyone on the Paleo diet! You can make so many different types of sauces/veggies mixed in!

Well thats it food wise…now to switch over to some Crossfit progress 🙂 So last time I said that I was starting to Crossfit in the morning before work instead of after. I am going into my third week of going about 4-5 days a week, mostly before work. Is it as hard as I thought it would be? Yes and no…it’s actually really awesome to get the workout overwith and it really gets your blood flowing. I’ve also been tracking my progress with this App called, “Daily WOD” and I track my PRS, weight, times, and the daily WODS. It will be nice in a few months to see where I’m at!

I’ve also noticed that even though I have an almost 4 hour commute everyday, a 9-5 job and Crossfit…that I actually have more energy everyday to do things! I know part of it is the Paleo diet but part of it is definitely Crossfit. I usually end the workouts every morning with my back on the floor cause they kill me haha but later on in the day I usually feel peppy–even without coffee! I can also feel myself getting stronger–now when I do push ups or go grab the barbell it doesn’t feel quite as heavy as when I first started. That in itself–is an indescribable feeling.

I’ve also signed up to do the Scream and Clean competition with 3 of my new friends at Crossfit 🙂 Essentially its in Danbury, CT and there is Rx which is the one thats waaaay harder…and the scaled Intermediate one. You pretty much just do a WOD mixed with Crossfit movements (Including obviously clean and jerks, thrusters, box jumps [I LOVE!] double unders and burpees [i loathe]) with a team (2 girls and 2 guys) for time against other Crossfit gyms–and because it is near Halloween you get to dress up 🙂 We have a costume and I’m sure I’ll post next time–but for now I’m gonna keep it under wraps haha

In terms of the competition… I’m honestly not super competitive like I’ve mentioned in previous posts and was a little reluctant to sign up because I was afraid the other gyms might be a little crazy/over the top— and then it wouldn’t be fun–But after thinking about it, I just decided I really couldn’t muster up a shit to give about teams that would do that– I’m just happy to go with my Crossfit people and hopefully everyone at Rebel can hit new records or just make the gym proud, and I’m okay with that 🙂 I am hoping I’ll have a good experience and I know that most Crossfitters are a big community, so hopefully I’ll be able to see some of that.

Last, I’ve had many people tell me because I’m doing Crossift 4-5 days a week now that I’m now, “Sippin the Kool Aid”. (for anyone under a rock, this refers to cult-like tendencies which is just dumb…people go to the gym everyday don’t they?!)

But the only thing I have to say to them is I can’t even HAVE Kool Aid….it’s not Paleo 🙂

Okay on that incredibly corny line….have a nice long weekend everyone! Drink for Christopher Columbus–I’m sure he had a LOT of drinks when he realized the earth was not flat.



You can sleep when you’re dead…or you can sleep on the train.

Hello, All.

Sounds kind of random, but while I was brushing my teeth Wednesday night, circa 12:45 AM- I was thinking about the phrase busy people say when they barely have any time to sleep–“I can sleep when I’m dead.”

This…is true. But sleep feels SO much better than being dead! (Well…I mean I think…I’ll have to find a zombie and ask). What I’m getting at is that feeling when you climb into your pit of luxury (Katie I hope you’re reading this) and your head hits the pillow is one of the most amazing feelings in the universe….Sitting here now it even rivals the amazing Stein of Dinkelacker Oktoberfest I drank all day today haha

You can sleep when you’re dead, but you can also sleep on your train rides to and from work. (#compensation #winning #misplacedunneccessaryhashtagging ) Reason being? My lack of sleep: I’ve decided to shake up my workweek–switch my schedule from Crossfit at 7:30 PM and attempt to do Crossfit at 6 AM. You know…before work. When it’s dark still out. And I know a small amount of people probably try to work out before the sun comes up, but I have NEVER been one of them-let alone be awake enough to do kettle bell swings or box jumps. Case and point: when even the Sun is still hitting the snooze button cause he doesn’t even want to wake up for HIS damn job-you probably shouldn’t be awake either.

And when it comes to my sleep, I take it pretty damn seriously. I have always had black out shades in my room….it’s so dark that if I don’t open the shades just a sliver I could probably sleep through a good portion of winter. (I know I’m currently employed, but if Puxatawney Phil is looking to retire and his employers are reading this, I am a total shoe-in….) My bed is also the most comfortable bed in the world. (This is a fact.) and in this bed…most weekends I can sleep in until 11/12.  I’m also a heavy sleeper when I’m out….I’ve fallen asleep in the back seat of my friend Danielle’s car during a long trip while she played Skrillex and house music blaring out of the speakers. We can thank momma bear Kathy for this, she would drive me around the back seat of the car in hopes I would fall asleep some nights as a little cub and it worked every time. Fast forward to now– when I’m on the train I use this to my advantage: I will set an alarm on my iphone, listen to music, hold my bag with a kung fu grip and nap roughly 30-40 min in the mornings and evenings.

Now I know that many people use this time to decompress, check e-mails and social media, watch movies and most importantly…read books…..And oh–I was prepared to be that person. I WANTED to be that person. As a matter of fact I got like 2,000 e-books from my friend, and I planned on switching between serious and casual reads in hopes of making me more cultured or some shit. I don’t know.

But what do I do when my butt hits the train seat? I tilt my head back and black out (possibly drool)…and sometimes I pass out so hard that when I wake up I feel like I was out for 1,000 years. (And if we are underground in the tunnel to Penn station–it always feel like this and the train conductor looks at me like Willy Wonka. It’s a little scary when you’re disoriented from such a nap.) Although my mom used to drive me, I also attribute my newfound ability of falling asleep like Mr. Bean anytime to A. my lack of sleeping beyond 5 hours every night and B. the Paleo diet. That’s right, I said it. I really do think my sleep has been more productive since I started this diet (cutting out dairy and wheat allows your body to run productively, and when your intestines aren’t inflamed/having a hard time digesting your meals your body doesn’t get disrupted during your sleep cycles).

So on that long, drawn out note…I am doing the best I can right now given this schedule. Most days I have to rush to the train before work, I do my makeup before my little nap, and most importantly I cook all my meals for work either sundays or the night before. I’m usually running on 5 hours of sleep and until I can get used to this I’m exhausted…but I will say I know what I want out of this–I am happy and run more efficiently on this diet, and I want to be in the best shape of my life….so for me the sacrifices have been worth it. (Amount of effort=amount of payoff! )

Moving on, I had very fun birthday celebrations last weekend! I am incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends–not only did I enjoy an awesome meal on my actual birthday at Osso Buco (I ate everything non paleo on purpose haha it was opposite day…) but then Saturday my best friend Jen made me an oreo cake, and bought me a new lunch box and my very first Paleo cookbook 🙂 It’s called, “Paleo Lunches on the Go”….it’s written by this nutritional practitioner Diana Rogers, who lives on a farm 🙂 and who had struggled with Celiac’s disease when she was younger and found this diet to work for her. I really enjoyed the beginning of the book–it breaks paleo dos and don’ts down, mentions some great spices to be stocked with, and has a great list of dressings and sauces to make, I recommend it!



I am not sure yet but I’m thinking about Julia Child-ing this book and making as many of the recipes as I can. so far, I’ve made 1-2 meals and some sauces to spice up my salads.
IMG_0007 IMG_0008

This week for work I made homemade mayo & chicken salad on pieces of crispy red cabbage! It really came out awesome and was so easy to make…I was a little lazy and bought kirkland Costco brand canned chicken but since they can it it has some preservatives–you’re better off cutting and cubing your own meat! But I made some homemade mayo–which believe it or not is just egg, olive oil, salt and pepper and dijon mustard. I made the chicken salad with the mayo, salt, pepper, a mix with some almonds in there, grapes and put some of those mixed bags of cabbage in to make it crunchy.

For my breakfasts, I also made some sweet potato pancakes to go along with whatever meat, eggs or bacon I had lying around 🙂 I also learned the hard way that Potato starch DOES NOT have a substitute-coconut flour didn’t work so well…. I got really tired of trying to google substitutes in recipes so I dropped about 50 dollars at A Matter of Health to pick up things like potato starch and some spices–paprika, tamarin, cumin, and other common meat spices. These are staples for your Paleo cabinet… Sometimes you have to just bite the bullet–with Paleo spicing up the meat prevents the meals from getting boring so I would really recommend it! 🙂

A little something else I discovered while pinning on pinterest is that making chocolate pudding is INCREDIBLY easy. How do you do this without milk? Well, you take 1 avocado, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon almond butter, a little sea salt and 1-2 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa (I throw in a few good life milk/gluten/soy free chocolate chips…) and BAM, chocolate pudding. Stupid easy…and this has been becoming dangerous. I’ll finish 1 avocado in a day, but with all this extra stuff I am working on not making this an everyday occurrence haha How do we know this is good? My sister said if I didn’t tell her it was avocado, she would have thought it was pudding. heck yes.


In other news…Crossfit, as time consuming as it has been has also been amazing. I know I’ve said this before, but this was my first really full week of Crossfit. I went 4 days–I’m working on maybe doing 5 I just have to get past this tired stage and make sure I’m getting enough sleep. Every class I’ve been trying to put in as much as I have, even when it’s early and I’m certain when I’m doing pushups I’m really just half asleep.

Besides tracking my progress on this awesome WOD app where I can write in the workouts and what my times/weights were, this week something really amazing happened. I had always talked to people who did crossfit or friends who personal trained and I always said how I was very jealous of people who could do handstand pushups or handstands, and how I couldn’t wait to learn. Well one day last week after the 7:30 class, I was talking to my coaches and one of them said, “why don’t you just try it? It’s really more technique.”

I said, psh, yeah my arms are gonna cave! What I will say is when you do it, form is really important- you have to keep your arms locked, and commit to the move. It can’t be a half assed thing at all, like you have to push yourself up. (It reminded me a lot of yoga poses people can do that have always made me extremely jealous…)…BUT, after a few attempts…this happened. I still can’t believe I did it and when I got home and showed my mom and was able to even do it again i was so excited. That’s a big part of Crossfit I’m discovering…everyone has their own goals and it’s amazing to share them with your fellow crossfitters, help encourage them and move them along, and to do it altogether. I think that’s why people think its a, “cult”, is because it’s really just a group of people who are just VERY excited about getting fit.  There is a quote that says, “Crazy is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” Maybe we’re a little too crazy….but I’m okay with that 🙂

I will also say…this birthday–hitting 25 felt different for me than any other…the timing of it all…the drastic changes–my job, crossfit, doing Paleo–I am still not comfortable or settled here yet but I’m having a lot of fun discovering myself in this place. I feel like my life is on this whole new track, and with all of this it’s helping me become the person I want to be. This blog has become a fun thing for me as well, I’m really having fun making a mess every Sunday in the kitchen and sharing my adventures with anyone who will listen 🙂 Thanks for the feedback, guys!

Alright I’m already starting to ramble. I need it to be tomorrow so I can erase all the damage I did at Bear Mountain Oktoberfest today….(lets just say there was a belgian waffle with pumpkin pie ice cream. I have NO regrets!! hahaha) Getting in bed and watching It’s always sunny on my iPad….what a grandma I’ve become.

Goodnight all!

ps- I am also currently training (or attempting to find the time to) for the Philadelphia 1/2 marathon… I ran it last year/fundraised with my aunt Vici’s organization, “ComforTree”– a non-profit organization that provides free monthly non-toxic housecleaning for cancer patients. Their mission is to help make cancer patients and their families lives more manageable by providing free monthly non-toxic housecleaning while they are undergoing treatment. The Cancer cause is important to a lot of people and hits pretty close to home for me, and right now I’m trying to fundraise! If you’re feeling giving, my link is here 🙂

It’s my party and I’ll write an insanely long post if I want to!

WARNING: This is a long one.

I will start this post off by saying my 25th birthday is Thursday and shit… this week is flying by.

Just a personal note about my feelings on birthdays…when I was younger, leading up to 21–I just wanted to party it up on my birthday AND birthweek..AND birth month. I would have multiple celebrations. Go out. Buy myself everything I wanted (…that I could afford.) Then the bracket of 21-24 I would say I wanted everything previously listed, but to also just be hammered for a week straight. (weather conditions permitting.) Mimosas with breakfast? Sure! And just like in my last post when I spoke about vacation being a good excuse, this month every sentence is currently followed by, “I can ________, it’s my birthday!” And I was thinking maybe I can give you guys a little something else in this blog besides suggestions on your daily Paleo consumption…so here is this wonderful phrase in action:

Examples: A. I can finish that entire 6 pack of beer to myself…it’s my birth(day/week/month)! I can power clash and wear florals or wear a jean jacket with jeans, its my birth(day/week/month)! (this one is just a hypothetical. please do not re-enact). C. I can have that 6th apple cider donut, it’s my birth(day/week/month)! [And since I’m the QUEEN of rationalization, if you want to take this one a step further, explain that apple cider donuts are only prime during the sept-nov months, so there is URGENCY and your doing your fall duty by eating your fill.]

Or there are some people who just really don’t give a fuck. Ever. Good for you guys! I wish I had your stamina! I, on the other hand, as a Virgo, need to lie to myself and others through the beauty and poetry of rationalization in order to feel justified for doing certain things.

Moving right along… what have I decided to do this week that involves Paleo food and this blog? Start Pinning the shit out of my Paleo Pinterest board with every Paleo dessert under the sun! (well…just way more than I normally do) …duh.

And the REASON besides my birthday is that I realized there was something missing from my Paleo diet. Naturally after some evaluating, I realized it was more treats. Dessert is always the answer, right? The, “Sugar Dragon” I mentioned during WHOLE30 has reared its ugly head lately and has been having a slight sugar tantrum. The only conclusion I’ve drawn is it’s because I’ve re-introduced the 20% regular stuff–mostly alcohol/slight allowances (i.e. soy sauce on my steak marinade, a cookie, some craft beers…) and in re-introducing, it awakens the old patterns and urges for me to fall into those bad eating habits. It’s a slippery slope, and I’ve definitely been VERY cognizant of my body’s cravings and signals since I’ve been more lenient.

Everything I’ve read about it is right…once you get past the withdrawals with whole 30, you crave the gluten/dairy less overall and it’s easier to control the cravings. But what happens when you reintroduce gluten? Duh…the cravings come back. It’s like a drug junkie lol… My body is confused again. Just so you know, when you eat gluten, your brain releases endorphins (haha sorry, had to), and your hormones/body get confused–you pretty much just want to eat more, (Ever eat like 3 baskets of bread at a restaurant? like 4 slices of pizza?…..just me? Well then, your name is liar because you LIE) haha but since I eat clean 80% of the week as I’ve started eating the gluten again it’s making it even harder for me to resist those cravings. I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too! So after my birthday week I’ll probably cut back a bit again until I’m where I want to be Crossfit-wise! 🙂

Let me backtrack a bit after my ranting (I can rant, its my birthweek!!!) Sunday I did the Super Spartan at Mountain Creek Ski Resort in NJ-I did it last year. It was so much fun! (see us below-i got gnarly running pants for it!) I did a few things that I couldn’t do last year that I was proud of (except climbing the rope. I WILL GET IT NEXT YEAR-I will retest after a year of Crossfit :] )…I did all the mens’ weighted stuff (I flipped the big tire 4 times! was pretty pumped about it!)…then after the whole thing and spending a while getting mud outta my ears, I decided it was a good idea for some Sunday Funday and to go out for a few beers sunday night. No bueno…I almost missed my train Monday morning to work haha


I feel the need to mention the Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte that everyone is obsessed with…it def deserves its own paragraph. I was majorly stressing monday morning when I woke up late, and at Penn Station I decided to treat myself. Let me set the scene…there were like 100 people waiting for their sugar caffeine crack connections, and naturally there was ANOTHER Carly waiting for her coffee right next to me. Another Carly WITH an LY, who was ALSO getting herself a pumpkin spiced latte. (She looked like my very vegan, hipster Brooklyn twin..btw) Why does this even matter? Because she rushed out with MY latte with regular milk, and I took hers by mistake–which had soy milk. Do I really care that much about Soy milk? No..but I had no time to get another so I took it. I feel it important to address that the Pumpkin Spice Latte has the POWER to turn an entire morning around. That sounds dramatic but it’s true. It tasted like crisp fall air, nostalgic Halloweens of yester-year, and freakin pumpkin pie. I was legit having a, “moment” on the train…I can only imagine how I looked to other morning commuters with the cup nestled in front of my face…probably like the first person who discovered coffee. It was so worth it. And as for the soy…Welp, let’s just say my stomach has ccommunicated to me that it’s placed a hefty restraining order on soy milk.

Later that night, I was feeling pretty frazzled from my stressful monday. I decided to go to Crossfit anyway…and I am so glad that I did. I was very sore from the Spartan, but excited for my first full week (doing 3x a week for now) at Crossfit. The WOD included 4 laps around the building, 1600m rowing, 50 burpees (I did 70 at Spartan so when I saw they were in the workout I wanted to DIE),150 single jump rope jumps and 25 (assisted) pull ups. I really hustled, and beat (not by much) the other guys in my workout! (They, however did REAL pull ups. I can’t do that ish yet…) However, the satisfaction I’ve been getting out of these workouts while I’m dead on the floor afterwords is indescribable. The drive I have to always give everything, even when I’m exhausted—I must be a masochist because I love it.

And after Crossfit, I got going on some of those desserts I mentioned like 10,000 words ago. (sorry I know I can’t keep on one topic lol)…I decided to make this Chia seed chocolate pudding, some cinnamon Paleo bread (I needed SOMETHING to put my organic farmers market Apple butter on….spreading it on an apple just seems like….cannibalism…I dont know…)..and last just another batch of spaghetti squash with a mild fra diavlo-esque sauce, some hot lean turkey sausage and ground lean turkey. (see below!)

IMG_0030 IMG_0029
I am getting a little cray cray in the kitchen, but this batch of sauce came out so much better than my last! I put some hot pepper flakes with the spices in there and it just kicked it up a notch ;] …Everything came out great, I recommend the links I posted for the recipes.

Up next, I have dessert recipes for Paleo chocolate chip banana bread and Almond butter sea salt cups. I have many of the ingredients, we’ll see how it goes.

One last note–Saturday my sister came home for the evening and we all had a BBQ with lots of red wine…needless to say in my sauced up stupor I wanted some dessert that I could make fast. Well, here you go. Cup full’o coookie dough. Make it in 15 minutes. So easy, a drunk Italian girl can do it. You are welcome. (It was amazing by the way with some blueberries…had to counteract the chocolate lol)

Thankfully, I’m running training for Philly (I’ll post a link soon about that, I’m fundraising for my aunt’s charity for cancer! 🙂 and doing Crossfit 3x a week so it will counteract this dessert (in moderation!! haha) craze that I’m having. Oh, and did I say it was my birth month? Cause it is.

I will post after my crazy birthday weekend…I’m sure I’ll have stories.

Stay classy, (and happy!) San Diego!


PS- I just remembered…Remember last post when I said I will most definitely fall down in my flats on the subway and it will be glorious and I would be sure to post it? Well guess what…call that ish a self-fulfilling prophecy. The day after an insane leg Crossfit workout I was rushing to catch the express train on the Subway, had a large hot passion tea from Starbucks in my hands, and tripped on the steps. I ended up getting a small crack in my phone, face-planted, and got hot tea all over my left arm. And missed the express train by 10 seconds. Right after this happened 2 people were like legit following me asking, “are you okay?! oh my god! are you okay?” and all I wanted to do was keep running and say, “Thanks, but GO AWAY!!” because I know they mean well, but I DO NOT like to not acknowledge these types of things…I just like to pretend it never happened! haha

See? I post my bad food blunders AND my klutziness blunders. I am here for your entertainment.

Running through train stations…reading paleo books….fallin off the wagon….drinking outta cups.

Hello my little San Diagans!

Whaaaat a week it’s been! Let’s just say I missed the local train by 5 minutes leaving work (So you understand, the difference between pulling into nanuet at 6:15 or 6:45 is the train that either runs at 5:40 or 5:45….5 minute difference? thats just pure evil.) So I sat and digested every minute of my Runners World mag. Appropriate magazine, because minutes before I was sprinting through Secaucus junction like a high speed action movie (but sadly no Liam Neeson) trying to make the damn train. (PS-I will definitely trip and fall soon. Science and my schematics–uncomfortable flat shoes–tells me this. When that day comes–I will definitely post about it in glorious detail.)

The point of this story is I am learning this past week due to my generally untimely nature –that God or Zeus or Forest Gump or whoever it was that spurred me to start endurance running MUST have obviously been preparing me for my big girl job. I have to do 3 modes of transportation to get to work–its really not as stressful as it sounds but man has my running paid off! I’ve used this phrase a thousand times but it is the most accurate: Running through crowds of people never felt more like real life Mario Kart. Its a sick game–make the unattainable train time. It’s only second to my other favorite game: bring down the car GPS estimated arrival time. (Even if its by a minute, you win! Don’t act like you don’t all know what I’m talking about… 🙂

Anyways, I was pretty wiped between the weekend and last weeks first workweek so I decided to treat myself today. (I treated myself a lot in DC too, but not with Paleo treats. Don’t worry, I’ll get to that in a bit..) So I made my favorite Paleo pancakes–a banana, an egg, some almond flour, some paleo chocolate chips–and a little treat, some organic apple butter I brought home from the DC farmers market. Oh, and of course…a beer. Because who doesn’t have beer with pancakes?! (Side note….found an awesome recipe for fall pancakes with pumpkin in them…I’ll post when I make em!) And now I’m just mulling over which movie to watch….my friend Lauren obviously planted the idea for me to watch a Disney movie (I will never ever grow up) so now I’m stuck between Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid….(I love Ariel but Belle is seriously the bomb. she’s smart, pretty, sassy AND rides horses! and I have a feeling she and the beast could realistically follow a Paleo diet, but that cannot be confirmed at this time…)

But yeah I know you didn’t come here to read about my tough first world white girl decision of which Disney movie to watch, (although, your input is greatly appreciated. I love a good Disney movie discussion…) I have some new developments! So I officially, “Graduated” my foundations class –there were a few people but my friends Morgan and Amanda and I were the only ones on the actual, “graduation” day. So on the 8th class (Its over a month) you retest from the first day–On the first day we did a 200 meter run, squats, push ups and ring pull ups (with your feet on the ground…) and we did 15-12-10 sets…then another 200 meter run. The first time I ran it, I did 7:16…and this time I did 5:26! It felt awesome to crush the old time, and I definitely wanna try the test again after another month of crossfit!  I am officially starting tomorrow….probably going to try out doing 3 times a week and running during the off days (to train for the philly half)…but I seriously can’t wait to start! (Thats us all sweaty and happy below…I felt really saucy that day so I wore my “Tron” pants )


Another thing I realized after the test is even through all the push ups I did this month, I still royally suck at them. Again…my arms are always something I’ve struggled with. So I decided to take matters into my own hands–I stopped at Dicks sporting goods on Labor day (And went ape shit over their sales…the guy asked me if I was gonna buy out the whole store. From now on I am not allowed in there alone…I need a chaperone or an adult to watch me for sure. On the flip side, I now have a killer rainbow spectrum of sports bras! #neonforthewin) and I also purchased this little number:

IMG_0026A pull up bar with assisted bands! The bands can do 30 lbs each. I am using 2 of them right now, and can only do about 5 and then I need to stop…but it’s so much fun because it’s right outside my room! Whenever I walk past it I get tempted and I do a few a couple times a day. It’s just enough to get all that moving (I’m just hoping my door frame doesn’t literally collapse. I’m legit having visions about it and then my dad legit slaughtering me haha but I caught my dad staring at it–I have a feeling when I’m not home Randy tries it :] ) Anyways, early birthday gift to me! (Next on the Agenda: customized Reebok Crossfit running sneakers :]

Besides just Crossfit, I also have been studying up some more on Paleo. Besides pinning like a mad woman on Pinterest (its kind of embarrassing how many chocolate/avocado/coconut desserts I’ve pinned…my eyes were a little bigger than my stomach today.) I also took it upon myself to read, “Paleo for Dummies” (I have no qualms saying I’m really a fan of these books)…and It broke everything down really nicely! I even made a note in my iphone for Paleo Grocery lists, which organic fruits/veggies are best to splurge on, which types of meats to buy and terms to look out for, spices and Paleo staples–and it even came with some recipes! (If anyone has an iphone and wants those lists, I can def send em over to you.) I feel like I have a pretty good grip on a lot of it now. (and I feel better telling you guys about it) I’m gonna start taking some vitamins and Fish oil again as well to help my body with omegas. Gotta whip out my grandma pill pack again. (a little tip, if your curious if your fish oil is legit or not and not full of fillers….put it in the freezer. If it freezes, its probably not made up of decent fish oil)

I also have been avoiding my blood test like the plague. I really want to get it done to make sure I’m doing my diet well…but due to my new work schedule I couldn’t get an appointment.(It also doesn’t help that I have a serious phobia of needles.) I’ve been working on it–but its so bad that I still go to my pediatrician to get blood work ( I know what your thinking….but she’s a family friend so she hasn’t kicked me out) She uses the baby needle, lets me pick out a spider-man band or Disney princess band aid, and gives me a lollipop after asking me how my full time career is going. (Side note: I am going to open up a children’s doctors office for adults..I know there is DEF a market for that. Who likes going to a gray, smelly, scary looking doctors office with old people and old magazines?! I don’t want to read AARP or time magazine….I want Spongebob wallpaper and I want clifford the big red dog and to color in Highlights magazine. (If you knew Highlights magazine, I’m giving you an online high five right now. If not, I’m so sorry for your deprived childhood.)

Another thing they tell you is if your on the Paleo diet you can get pH test kits from the drug store–they help test your acidity (prob not saying that exactly right, but yeah..). Your levels should be somewhere in the middle–(if you remember anything about science and pH levels ;] )..meat is acidic and the fruits and veggies help balance it out. Water helps flush out toxins from your system too, so your supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces–and more if your work out! So I’m working on eating more balanced meals, making my lunches for the week, taking vitamins and continuing to keep it interesting meal wise.

So yeah, an awesome, noteworthy veggie I started taking advantage of is Cauliflower. With spaghetti squash it feels like sphaghetti, and with pureed Cauliflower it feels like mashed potatoes….straight up. All you do is steam the Cauliflower, put it in a blender, add salt/garlic powder, (I added a little coconut milk for body and because lets face it, its not Paleo unless something coconut is in it) blend….and bing bang boom, thats how babies are made. I found the recipe on Pinterest (If you follow me on there–I have a, “Paleo, Paleo, Pal-e-ooooo” board with all my recipes I make :] But yeah, if you gave this puree to someone who didn’t know what it was, they would 100 percent think it was mashed potatoes. It was so bonkers it gets a whole paragraph…. I also made seasoned chicken patties in a mushroom/sage/bacon sauce with it. Definitely a recipe worth a try.


Alright. I have more to post about but I will wait a few days. I was gonna ramble on about my trip to DC– and all I’ll say is I fell off the wagon-HARD- for like 2 days. (I did say I would come clean on here)….so here goes. I definitely had homemade cinnamon cookie dough ice cream (It was un-fucking-real. I can’t even find a good metaphor right now. I saw fireworks and Jesus.) I definitely had like 10 pieces of rye artisan bread from the farmers market with apple butter….some munchkins and a GIANT “slice” of pizza from this place when I was drunk that was definitely just half a pizza pie. So yeah, my “20%” went a little overboard, but I did feel like crap after and couldn’t wait to eat clean again….I read a tip that said too if your going to eat badly, make sure its the BEST that you can find of whatever it is. So I feel like when you really stick to that, it makes you appreciate what your eating more. I really tried doing that this weekend, I have no regrets dammit! haha…gotta give a little shout out to my friends. Thanks for not calling me out when you KNEW it wasn’t Paleo lol

I also was on vacation. This doesn’t always seem like a legitamate excuse…but I’m telling you with 100% conviction it is. That’s what I told myself when I gained 8 pounds while studying abroad in Italy. So next time your on vacation and want to eat like a ravenous animal, tell everyone Carly said it was okay because you’re, “on vacation.” Dannie, if your reading this, i know your nodding your head in agree-ance right now haha

Alrighty ladies and gents. It’s been real. I’m exhausted, and I need enough energy to sing along during Beauty and the Beast to “Be our Guest”. (#priorities)