Pre Whole 30.


Alrighty, so first things straight…I am no pro at this at all. I’m a complete amateur who wants to try the Paleo/Whole30 out. I’m kind of navigating this as I go. (As with many things in my life. Even fricken Word Press…but thats for another time.)

Having that said, I also am into fitness. I absolutely love running…it keeps my sanity. I also eat generally well most of the time. I do the best I can. So naturally I was curious about this…

A few people I know have done the “Paleo” diet…but a friend brought to my attention and inspired me to do the Whole 30. For those of you who don’t know what Paleo means, its pretty much cutting out sugar, alcohol, grains/corn, legumes, dairy, MSG/sulfites and starches from your diet. Whole 30 is just a specific program you can use for a month that has a few more guidelines to follow. ( for more details on it…)

After reading that I’m sure your like…Okay your absolutely nuts. Or your a masochist. (after doing multiple spartans and running on the Congers clauseway in 90 degree heat, this is completely debatable…) Or your following a fad. (for the record, I hate fads. You will never see me wearing girl MC hammer pants) Why would you want to do that? Well after reading up and talking to people about it, there are many health benefits to just eating food thats unprocessed and that your body can break down more easily. Apparently you start to sleep better, exercise better and feel overall stronger and happier. That’s what I’ve gathered…its like 30 days to reset your system. Plus I want to improve my running PR pace. So why not give it a shot? I’m really curious to see how it makes me feel. Also, its a good test of my willpower! I’m trying to drink coffee black now before starting it tomorrow and let me say… every sip is a constant reminder of how much I love milk. (I seriously will need to hug a cow when this is all said and done. A. because of how much meat I’ll be eating and B. because of how much I’ll have missed dairy.)

So starting tomorrow, I’m going to give this a shot. I figure if I make a blog and post it publicly/everyday, it will make me be more on point to stay on track. Don’t worry, I won’t be putting it all over Facebook everyday.

So yeah, let’s see how this goes. I’m sure I will have entertaining stories about food temptation, crankiness, and attempting to deflect people’s opinions on this matter. If you have any witty comebacks, pass em along.

Currently, my only one is that I get to eat bacon all day, err’day. BACON. Ba-con.

So lets summarize, shall we?

I’m using this to document my Paleo/Whole30 experience. So if I really F up, I’ll have to document it for you all to see! 🙂 I really am not experienced at this, I’m kind of flying by…the seat of my pants? the seam of my pants? I don’t know. Something like that. I want to write about how I feel through the 30 days. So if I black out from cravings and end up in the corner of my kitchen with 10 gallons of ben and jerrys and a giant Costco sized tub of Cookie dough, I promise to post it.



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