Whole 30: Day 3

So right now I’m eating…well I’m not going to call it Paleo Ice Cream. Cause I know in the Whole30 we aren’t supposed to eat foods that…I don’t know resemble other foods that we love. So in that case, I’ll call it frozen banana, ice, coconut milk and cinnamon having a party in the same bowl. To be blunt, it tastes like magic and unicorns and sunshine. I didn’t break any rules here!

Okay, so today. Today went well…planning, again, goes a long way. Breakfast was turkey leftovers, that I legit heated and cut, and ate while driving on the way to the Tarrytown train. (Don’t worry, I ate it at the stop lights. thats safe right?) I wasn’t even that hungry for breakfast though…

Updates…I feel like I’m getting clearer signals from my body now when I’m “actually” hungry and thirsty. Also, I went through probably about 8 water bottles today no problem. I felt no haziness today, but did feel a little tired on the train ride home.

Later around 8, I had like 5 dates(prunes) before my run and I felt like when you give a little kid a can of soda for the first time. I took a night run tonight, when the air finally cooled a bit to about 84 degrees. It was humid, but the amazing thing was I did 2 miles straight, at my (lower) usual pace, and did. not. stop. Not even for a second. I have to say…I felt like a mother effing neon gazelle. I know it’s only been 3 days, maybe I was just excited to get my run in today–But if this is a sign of things to come, I might make a (general) commitment to this cave-woman-diet-thingy.

Alright, thats enough stupid ranting for tonight. Bring on day 4.




  • Turkey burger with organic balsamic, coconut flakes, a little almond meal, organic honey dijon mustard and salt/pepper
  • 1/4 an avocado

Midday snack

  • Larabar (banana bread…best flavor hands down.)
  • Apple


  • Mediterranean Salad….Essentially Chicken breast lightly seasoned, lettuce, cucumbers, red cabbage, carrot, and olive oil


  • 5 prunes (dates)
  • 1 teaspoon almond butter and 2 carrots


  • 1.5 Frozen banana, 1/3 cup light coconut milk, cinnamon, water, ice (paleo ice cream for all intensive purposes. I give in.)


Yup. Need to work on the “snacking”. I just didn’t want real dinner tonight after my 3 mile run…I also felt like I needed banana cause I got an insane charlie horse in the middle of the night last night….



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