Whole 30: Days 6 + 7

Saturday was surprisingly easy. I had work during day and prepped the food….the night was tough though. It’s hard not to have any alcohol when all your friends are drinking. I’m starting to think this diet isn’t challenging at all, its just the alcohol…I’m craving it a lot. But I made it! Water with lemon and lime. All weekend. No hangover. I’m 7 days in now and I have 3 weeks left.

I can and will do this all the way through.

Sunday was particularly tough though. I got a massage with my sister and mom, and even though I ate before we left my sister was insistent on getting cheesecake factory after…I have to say, sitting there watching them inhale (as women gracefully do) 2 glasses of wine, bread, mushroom flatbread with cheese, and dishes with mashed potatoes when your STARVING was tough…

That, or last night I had a short dream about eating chocolate covered milano cookies while watching the mindy project. (which im hooked on even in my dreams. thanks vic!) To be honest, it’s probably not the first thing I would have expected to dream about…however, I was proud of myself for desiring a Milano cookie. Setting the cookie bar high there….some pinky out Pepperidge farm action.

If I’ll be honest about the craving-dream-situation…I’m hoping to have some dreams about something I miss: drinking my favorite craft beers AND getting drunk simultaneously. It’s really guiltless multi-tasking at best. In theory I call that winning.

At Cheesecake I ended up getting the filet mignon and grilled veggies off their, “Skinnylicious” menu which I felt like an asshole saying out loud to the waiter. Skinnylicious? Why don’t we just call it normally portioned cheesecake factory dishes. Every dish made on the regular menu is like portioned for either 3 people or 1 sumo wrestler. But when the filet came was half the size of my palm with just a few grilled veggies. I was obviously still hungry after that so I went home and mowed a bowl of cherries while watching true blood 🙂

That’s been pretty much it though. Got an interview tomorrow morning so I’m a little lazy about posting what I ate this weekend, but it’s been all the same types of stuff…grilled chicken, fruit, nuts, almond butter, larabars…etc. I’ll be better about it this week.

Last, tomorrow I drop in on a Rebel Crossfit class to check out a class in action. As long as my work schedule checks out with job stuff, I have a feeling I’ll be there in the beginning of August for their  fundamentals class. I’m really excited…I feel like a kid on christmas morning!

Hope you all had a good weekend!



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