Uhh…Whole 30: Days 8, 9, 10 +11

Hello All!

So good news… I haven’t fallen off the wagon. I’m not face down in a Carvel alleyway with fudgey the whale and Cookiepus ice cream cakes all around me. Or with my face under the Franziskaner beer tap at Yard House. Or in my room watching the Mindy Project with boxes from 15 different pizza places. Okay I’m done…sorry. The scenarios of my imaginary diet demise are kind of fun to come up with. (…In all seriousness though, if I disappear again and you can’t find me, please check those places first.)

Had a really crazy week….my life is now divided between Rockland & Manhattan, which has been a lot of fun but definitely challenging. Mostly food wise. I’ve been planning my meals, adjusting restaurant entrees, and eating a lot of salads with some type of meat. Cobb salads with bacon, chicken and avocado have become my best friend. So has the 2 floor Whole Foods near my sister’s apartment.

But there are still a lot of temptations. Especially when I’m in the subway picking up a measly water bottle and there are 10,000 candies, Fritos, and every other processed thing imaginable all around those kiosks. And I’m sweating like a hooker in sunday church cause the subway feels like hell. And I’m stressed. And I just want some damn watermelon sour patch kids and a People magazine to read on the train (another bad habit I have: trashy celeb magazines. but that’s for another blog….)

…Except I haven’t cracked. (yet).

The combination of how easily I’ve been able fall and stay asleep, clearer skin, and the energy of a red bull drinking 5 year old have kept me going. I don’t have cravings anymore, and now that my stomach is starting to look slightly cut in just 11 days….it makes it all worth it. I don’t even want to have that stuff as much anymore. When this is all over, my (hypothetical) plan is to do like 70/30 where most of my diet is paleo…but I’m only human. I think the prospect of never having another German beer, cup of salted caramel froyo, or cheesy pizza from posa posa literally makes my whole body want to go into shock. (As you can see, I’ve already mapped out the foods I’ll be seeing on August 16th.) I’ll figure it out.

I also had my first long run today in a while. It was…interesting. I did about 6.5 miles. Weather was fantastic, had a breakfast of eggs and spinach with some fruit and coffee. I really felt amazing most of the run- hit my pace with very minimal stopping. However, I hit a wall a few times because my body was looking for something….more carbs. They’re the running crutch. For dinner last night I had spaghetti squash, and that definitely helped out a lot but I think if I start ramp up training doing longer endurance runs as the summer cools off I have to figure out some type of system.

I’ve been reading up a lot online about paleo runners who do like 50 mile runs and just adjust their diet a bit and its fine. Apparently there is a lot of sweet potato eating. I LOVE sweet potatoes so I see no problem here. I’ll just have to keep researching!

I’m also starting at Rebel Fitness August 6th for on ramp classes. I’m not sure how my schedule (may) change in the coming weeks….but all I know is I wanna make this work. I’m excited to be running on all cylinders again…I wanna kill it at the Spartan Race at the end of September too.

I would say sorry for the long post, but I’m summing up 4 days.

And I’m still so hyper.

In case you were wondering, this is how I looked while typing this up.


had to end with a Jim Carrey gif.



One thought on “Uhh…Whole 30: Days 8, 9, 10 +11

  1. Carly, who knew you were such a writer! I love these posts! They make me laugh at my desk at work!

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