Whole 30: Days 20, 21, 22, 23….& I’m posting so infrequently that this is reaffirming I do, in fact, know how to count to 30.


Couldn’t resist.

Hello all!

Feeling very peppy tonight….probably due to the fact that I’m jamming to Maroon 5, and in general because of my new job 🙂 But for all intensive purposes, realistically I will blame the rocket fuel ice coffee concoction I created before my first ever Crossfit session tonight. (If I had to gauge, I think I won’t be able to sleep for the next 35.5 hours. My eye is even twitching a little….this has to give red bull a run for its money.)

Okay, so I will try to keep my thoughts organized. When I have this much coffee, my feet bounce around like I have restless leg syndrome (It’s a real thing. Actually…maybe I have that?) and my ADD majorly kicks in. (Think plastic bags in the wind, shiny keys, and anything else that too easily diverts a child’s attention.)

Well first off, I’m a lucky lady because I finally landed a job as a graphic designer, and I couldn’t be happier. I was jumping up and down on the streets of Manhattan. Immediately, without even hesitation I used my alcoholic spidey senses and found the nearest liquor store to pop some Champagne. (I seriously didn’t even need Yelp. Although, they are all over the place in Manhattan…so maybe I’m not that special. Add that to the reasons Manhattan is meant for me.) Anyways, this decision was done without me even batting an eye–this has been so far coming I knew I was going to allow myself to have a drink. I still feel a little bad about it now—but life happens! Right? ….Don’t answer that.

I met up with my friend Jen, we got some Paleo eats and had a picnic in Central Park. Lets just say that after 2 glasses of champagne I was feeling all warm and fuzzy. It finally happened….I have become a 2 beer (champagne, whatever) queer. I wasn’t minding it very much, we had some laughs and I seriously just missed a social drink or two. I had a few more drinks a little later in the evening, but I curbed it–I didn’t want to fall into a crazy binge….I cut that shit off like Cinderellas’ fairy godmother…no more drinking after 12PM. (This is in my adult Disney version of Cinderella.)  Later in the night when I started craving pizza and ice cream I knew it was time to go back to Lea’s apartment, straight jacket my drunk ass from eating and distract myself with Shark Week. To my dismay, I spotted some strawberry candy laces in Lea’s cabinet and like a ninja stole a few pieces….I’m not proud of it. But I said I would post these things. GO AHEAD. Come at me bro!

But the crazy thing was that I fell asleep and woke up a few hours later feeling like absolute crap from my diet breaking escapades….I couldn’t fall back asleep for a while. If my body could speak, it would have definitely said, “Why you gotta play me like that?” Don’t regret it, but I definitely understand what Paleo people mean when they talk about the splurge. That was so minor…what the heck will it be like on Day 31 for me if I go ape shit? I think I’m going to be in the corner of my bed rolled up in a ball. I think it will be good for me though…I’ll have my little binge then want to go back to Paleo. It’s kind of a win-lose situation, but a stupid lesson I feel like I should learn.

Moving on…tonight was my first Crossfit session at Rebel Fitness in Nanuet. I started their, “fundamentals” class–learning movements and proper form and doing a small workout. Essentially…after warming up, they had me and 3 other girls going through proper form of the workouts we will be doing. We were already all cracking jokes the entire time (especially since I seriously need to see something demo-ed like 3 times before I get it. It’s really entertaining to watch.) After that we did a small workout of 15-12-9 reps– a 200m run around the building, squats, push ups, rings, and then close with another 200m run. Drew, our coach had us do this while timed, as quickly but as ‘pretty’ as possible…with good form.

Now I didn’t really think that I was a competitive person. If you know me, when it comes to this stuff I’m pretty docile….I’ve always been a doe-eyed Bambi when it comes to competition. (UNLESS you come on the treadmill next to mine at the gym when ALL the other treadmills are empty. Really hombre? Then, and only then–you’re in trouble.) But for whatever reason, toward the middle when I was MAJORLY struggling with push ups and watched the other girls finish those before me, I started getting…..whats the word…frustrated? Feisty maybe? Yeah…so when I finally finished my reps and saw the other girls running out of the building–I legit lost it. I picked up, and I hauled some serious ass. (thank god running comes second to breathing for me.) Needless to say, I made it in 2nd of us 4.

I found this pretty funny especially since when it comes to things like running, I always run alone because I don’t like to slow people down or to run faster than others. I’m totes a lone wolf in that way. I don’t usually work out with others…and I think that’s what made tonight different. Now I definitely would call it friendly competition–I can see at Crossfit how everyone wants to better themselves and how everyone is so supportive of each other. But in the past year I’ve tried all different types of workouts/races….and the giddiness I felt during the timed workout….in the challenge–well let’s just say I’m at a loss for a metaphor here. It was just frickin awesome! I will keep you all posted….I anticipate myself really loving Crossfit….and I also anticipate not being able to lift my coffee tomorrow or crawl out of bed. I love that even more.

Alright…that is it for today. You stay classy, San Diego.


PS—I also just want to close and say that I know I’ve mentioned it a few times…..but I feel it important to reiterate that I am really an amateur when it comes to Paleo Whole 30 dieting. I had an experienced Crossfitter who has been doing Paleo for a year (she gave me lots of good advice and suggested The Foodee Project for some Whole 30 approved eats :] ) look at an earlier post of mine and tell me I’m eating too much fruit. I know I haven’t been posting my meals–(they have been getting more structured lol) It’s more of my ratios–I need to be eating less almonds, less fruit servings, and more protein/vegetables. Once I spend a little more time trial and erroring I will be sure to share more with you all. I just felt the need to say that because of how many blogs there are (particularly female paleo bloggers) and how everyone takes web blogs as bible in terms of information—-so If you’ve googled paleo blog and you’re a curious San Di-a-gan or Finlandian girl who stumbled upon my blog looking to go Whole30, feel free to read mine for a good laugh then move it along. I’m really learning and researching a lot as I go–and I try to share that information with you guys 🙂


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