Days 24-30-home stretch, yo! And a few days after…

Heyooo pepolas!

Well, it’s 2 days since my diet ended. Too much coffee today=finally time to fill you all in!

Diets been going great, only had one or two slip ups toward the end. I said I would be honest to you all so I feel the need to come clean early on in this post! haha

First one was on Day 27…I had tickets to see Maroon5 at PNC and struggled over the decision to drink–but eventually caved and got some beer. So my friends and I got two 6 packs: Brooklyn Summer Lager & Magic Hat Hoegaarden. What I did NOT anticipate is that I would polish off a 6 pack on my own…2 hours before the concert. Well let me tell you my little pets, the first sip went something like this…..

okay so maybe I didn’t funnel anything haha but Frank the Tank speaks wise words of truth and fact: It’s just so good when it hits your lips. There is NOTHING like that first sip of a really fucking good beer. Funny thing is while I was trying to find a clip for this post, this little gem of an article came up that I thought was comical. Well that proves it….beer really does make you happy. I’m not gonna argue with science!

The other part of this I found funny was my alcohol tolerance. After avoiding it for probably over 28 days, I really thought I was going to have 1 beer and be on the floor like a freshman at her first college party, but that wasn’t the case at all. I definitely felt toasty, but my together-ness the entire time was crazy! I was so surprised….not sure if it was a fluke thing but it was such a bonus. I’ll take it!

Second slip up was a small run in with these little brownie bites that my friend Jimmy brought to our house from his restaurant. I didn’t think I would have a problem but on day 29 I came home from work hungry, and it was calling to me….”the sugar dragon.” We had a western style staredown, those little sugar bombs and I. Then, in what I can only describe as slow motion, I saw my arm pick one up and then I just blacked out. (I just want to say I had NO part in this. It was all my arm….must have been revenge for all the Crossfit arm workouts I’ve been making them do…) I had 4 of them (Jimmy if your reading this IM SO SORRY…..and its not your fault haha) so yeah, I had to remove myself from that situation.

(Side note…these posts make my life and relationship with food seem incredibly dramatic. Thats because it is, in my head.  I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with food….like a constant TV novella just not televised.)

So now that the Whole 30 is officially over…I’ve been asked 2 questions: What will you eat on the 31st day, and What will you do next?

First off, I had DREAMS of my post whole30 meal–but I knew I wanted beer first. I decided on a 6 pack of Abita Purple Haze, a small 1/2 veggie half cheese pizza from Posa Posa, and salted pretzel caramel frozen yogurt with the works to top it off. (That’s not aggressive…right?) However, I realized shortly after researching post Whole 30 transitions and other peoples’ experiences that this …. was a really bad idea. So come day 31 on Wednesday, after a long day of work I went out for drinks with my friend Rachel. We went to Brazen Fox in White Plains (They have the BEST craft beer on tap outside in the back.) I had a Southern Tier Pumpkin beer (it felt like fall last night, for real)…but as the night progressed, we started chatting with people and one beer turned into about 4….which then spurred the realization that there was DEFINITELY a pizza place open nearby. It didn’t take long before Rachel and I were sitting with 2 very large penne vodka cheese slices (No slow reintroduction here….lets see, it has bread, pasta AND cheese on it. I left no stone unturned.)

I was afraid after eating it and going home I wouldn’t sleep well….but it was waking up this morning that killed me. I can only compare some of the pain to a little monster in my belly with a swiss army knife going to town on my stomach…not to mention a slight headache from the beer. I’ve been drinking lots of water and got back on track diet wise today, but I just feel super off. At the end of the day was the pizza worth it? I don’t really recall it being the best slice I’ve ever had, either. It’s making me re-evaluate a lot of things….which leads to the second question……

What will you do after the Whole 30? Well, after last night’s incident and after talking to some people at Crossift who do Paleo…I have really decided to stick very closely with the diet until further notice (80% paleo 20% regular). Maybe not as strict as Whole30– but the bloated-ness I feel today does NOT make me want to seek out pizza again anytime soon.

Before this diet ended though, I have to say my cravings for cheese/bread really have diminished. I get occasional cravings (i.e. the brownie bite nightmare) but I really learned that I have WAY more self control than I give myself credit for. I’m really proud of making it as far as I did with minimal slip ups. And with the self control on this diet, it inspired me to have self control in other areas of my life, too. It really was a ripple effect…this diet did so much more for me than I thought it would.

Besides Paleo/Whole 30, I just wanna say this has been an overwhelming month for me–getting my graphic design job, joining a new Crossfit gym, having a lot going on at home and just a lot of changes and adjustments for me emotionally. And while working through these things, while being on this diet and enjoying all of the benefits: additional energy, my skin clearing up, feeling better overall…..the biggest perk I have seen is my long term anxiety has quietly and completely dissipated. I cannot explain to you all how HUGE this is for me. For as long as I can remember I have always had trouble managing it…feeling anxiety in the pit of my stomach at some point everyday. And now…I finally feel like I can stop worrying so much about things I can’t control….and just be happy. (Furthermore, this obviously leaves more time to sing more to my dog in the kitchen while I cook. He really loves some Adam Levine Maroon 5 action as much as I do.)

And this reason alone…knowing my bad diet could bring anxiety back again–has given me little to no desire to go back to where I was. Now I know I will have a treat every once in a while (aka ice cream or dinner with two for one drinks at Chilis cause its the fucking bomb)…but is the instant gratification of a chocolate glazed munchkin from the break room table or mediocre drunken penne vodka pizza slice is plain and simply, not worth it to me anymore.

I probably sound crazy saying that but there are things I want so much more in my life right now than junk food. I’ve wanted to be super proud of my body (and I am…JUST TO NOTE: I don’t want to make it seem like I have any bad complexes about myself here. There are parts of myself that I really love….but there is a difference between self esteem issues and wanting to better yourself. More girls need to learn this. I have NO interest in ever looking like Kate Moss…I just want to be a strong and fit girl. I want to do a pull up. I want to PR my half marathons. I want to look kickass naked :] theres a difference…I have healthy goals.)

And Crossfit (I’ve done 3 of the 8 fundamentals classes so far) has been amazing…everyone is so supportive and I’ve been genuinely looking forward to each class. Tuesday I learned kettle bell swings and wall ball medicine squats (those are KILLER! But at least I’m a natural at squats ;] ) but I really can’t wait till I can go 3-4 days a week, and for all my races coming up in the winter. First goal is to beat my half marathon PR at the Philly Half in November….bring on the fall weather, I’m ready to run.

So that’s pretty much a wrap for whole 30. Thanks for reading, I really am surprised how many people have asked me about this stuff, and it makes me happy to share it. I’m going to try and get some other Paleo/Crossift posts in as I keep moving with this stuff! 🙂



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