“What do you mean you don’t eat no meat? Thats okay, I make lamb…”

Hello kiddy cats.

I know it’s been a while since I posted—half of it was I had nothing specific to report… and the other half was that I was just being a bum on my pre-career vacation week. Or maybe that was the whole reason. BUT… I was, eating Paleo (for the most part..) the whole time.

So what happened after the diet ended about 2-3 weeks ago? Welp, I really did stick to the diet like I said I would. I had a few treats here and there in the beginning, but then remorse would inevitably follow. I ate reasonably clean when I wasn’t even ON the Paleo diet, but now after the Whole 30 was done that piece of chocolate cake would bring on the guilt magnified by 5. And the worst part? My body continues to retaliate as well…by the third chocolate chocolate chip cookie, I was NOT feeling it. (and yes, for whatever reason I obviously thought eating MORE cookies would make the stomach ache go away. I have sad news to report: It does not. )

And the worst part is I can’t really even have a, “taste” of something because I have little self control over sweets once I start. (this sounds so bad hahaha) So…what happens when cookies are in sight is that the eye fuck turns into a nibble…which turns into a bite…which turns into the whole cookie…which turns into 3. Then I’m in a downward spiral, a few weeks later at Cookies Anonymous telling Cookie Monster it will be okay and we can both start over tomorrow.

Actually, no…it hasn’t got that bad. (yet). I told you all I would post my blunders on here. But I can see where I need to learn how to curb the cravings IF I am going to let myself have a normal diet 15-20% of the time. I decided that I’m gonna save the GOOD food for the weekends. The other good news is any remaining grouchiness I had on the Whole30 is now gone, with the reintroduction of various craft beers (particularly pumpkin–it’s not even September and I already got my hands on Southern Tier 😉 back into my diet. The alcohol was seriously the hardest part, but the deal with myself is I am really sticking to wheat on the weekends.  If Friday-Sunday is my freedom from work, then it might as well be my freedom from my diet too 🙂

To slightly sidetrack us, I started my job today in NYC. (and I already love it :] ) It wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be, and I can see myself falling into a really good schedule..particularly with making my lunches. I really want to try to stick with it, you save so much money and its better for you. (Plus I bought this zebra freezer lunch bag from Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s my big girl lunch box.) So tonight, when I got back from NYC earlier than expected, I stopped across the street to Stop and Shop to reek some Paleo havoc in my kitchen tonight 🙂

Another side note… I started reading PaleOMG blog everyday (The girls name is Juli) and I think she could be my chocolate obsessed twin. She posts all these amazing recipes—but many chocolate paleo dessert recipes, which I think could be the remedy to my mini non-paleo dessert binges I’ve been heavily fighting. My next endeavor will probably be this — I want to have it with some red wine cause I’m a weirdo with chocolate.

But back to Stop & Shop, I tried looking at her recipes to find something and was feeling real lazy tonight to spend hours putting things in a crock pot for hours (which I will do with some pork probably in a week or so) so I decided to just freeball it and see what happens (I mean, I’m limited to meat, fruits and veggies so how hard could making recipes up be?) I picked up a package of lean chopped ground turkey and one of chicken (I’ve been eating waaay too much turkey so I thought a mix would be good) a mini shrimp cocktail platter (I was feeling pinky out fancy tonight. That….and the platter was on sale haha) and a few veggies and headed home.

Well, I’m pretty sure my kitchen looked like a war zone and I was grateful my mom was too afraid to come out of her room when she heard pots and pans clanking and some cursing (I was trying to maintain 3 sauté pans at the same time). I also had the entire spice rack strewn all over the kitchen, veggies being cut on every counter surface and running around like tasmanian devil (All while watching the Big Bang theory…Sheldon is seriously the best.)

In general with Paleo, what becomes so tough is nothing is usually just, “grab and go”–all the meat has to be cooked up and sometimes I get so lazy. I also have been eating so much chicken lately and making sphaghetti squash on the regular, so I knew I wanted to rotate things so I don’t get super tired of them. (Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil are on my soon-to-possibly-be-retired list)…..

So tonight I took the chicken/turkey, mixed it up, added a few spices and olive oil–browned it and then mixed it with a fresh tomato sauce I let simmer for a bit. Then I put the mixture into 4 peppers, and mixed some almond flour I seasoned up (like seasoned bread crumbs) and made a crust on top. I just popped em in the oven for 40-45 and they were done. So easy to pack for lunch! 🙂

While those little bad boys were cooking up I knew I wanted to make an easy stir fry with the shrimp (I hate cold shrimp cocktail-sorry for anyone whose hearts just stopped…. so I had to heat em up…) but I can’t really use soy or teriyaki sauces for the stir fry. This is where I had to google some Paleo sauces, because I am getting so damn tired of olive oil and spices. I found some relatively easy lemon sauce, with lemon, olive oil, garlic, onion, ginger and I threw in a little parsley and cayenne to balance it out. It sounds a little bizarre but it actually cooked up really nice–especially with the shrimp. I then mixed in peppers, broccoli and squash with the shrimp and just let the whole mix simmer for a bit. I tried a little of everything and was pretty pleased with myself (like 2 hours later…this shit takes so much time.)


(The food looks beautiful, my kitchen does NOT.)

The other thing I wanted to share was that last Saturday morning I went to a Paleo seminar at my Crossfit gym that Kettlebell Kitchen was doing. (They make and deliver paleo meals) The guy got into a lot of detail about the reasons why we can’t have gluten and lactose–particularly all the body functions it messes with. (Shit freaked me out when he started talking about all of the body functions that wheat and dairy fuck with…) But if anything, my fall off the Paleo wagon after a month of clean eating has been showing me the direct effects of wheat and dairy. Whenever I eat anything–a piece of pizza, a cookie, some cake or pasta–besides the fact that I feel like crap pretty soon after, it messes with how full I feel. I was actually feeling MORE hungry after consuming those things…I didn’t realize how in tune with my body and the way I’ve been feeling overall until I re-introduced this crap back in.

He also spoke about how meat takes longer to digest so it leaves you feeling satiated for longer. I’ve also been drinking an insane amount of water–roughly half my body weight in ounces is what was recommended to me. This has made a huge difference too–now whenever I don’t have water throughout the day I feel seriously parched.

I’m gonna wrap this up cause I’m exhausted from today, but the last thing I wanted to share with you guys is something I stumbled upon in Stop and Shop tonight…


It’s an “Apple Pear.” (And maybe you all have seen this thing before and I’m late to the party but I was entranced) …..Before I even had time to process the whole 2 fruits in one idea I was even more impressed that right next to the stand was an informative brochure on why I should buy it! (This guy must have really good PR people, cause I stopped and read the whole damn brochure.) In case you were wondering, the Apple pear makes, “an elegant solution for dinner parties…or for casual football games..and is great for grab and go!” (….And so is every other fruit…?) and uh, there was some batshit amazing caramelized cinnamon apple pear recipe with some ice cream–so obviously I was sold.

I’ll leave you guys with a riveting cliffhanger of how it actually is. It has to be good if someone literally created a brochure for it right? #goodlogic.

Okay im super exhausted and rambling more than usual. sorry this wasn’t sassier…I’m shot. goodnight all.



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