Running through train stations…reading paleo books….fallin off the wagon….drinking outta cups.

Hello my little San Diagans!

Whaaaat a week it’s been! Let’s just say I missed the local train by 5 minutes leaving work (So you understand, the difference between pulling into nanuet at 6:15 or 6:45 is the train that either runs at 5:40 or 5:45….5 minute difference? thats just pure evil.) So I sat and digested every minute of my Runners World mag. Appropriate magazine, because minutes before I was sprinting through Secaucus junction like a high speed action movie (but sadly no Liam Neeson) trying to make the damn train. (PS-I will definitely trip and fall soon. Science and my schematics–uncomfortable flat shoes–tells me this. When that day comes–I will definitely post about it in glorious detail.)

The point of this story is I am learning this past week due to my generally untimely nature –that God or Zeus or Forest Gump or whoever it was that spurred me to start endurance running MUST have obviously been preparing me for my big girl job. I have to do 3 modes of transportation to get to work–its really not as stressful as it sounds but man has my running paid off! I’ve used this phrase a thousand times but it is the most accurate: Running through crowds of people never felt more like real life Mario Kart. Its a sick game–make the unattainable train time. It’s only second to my other favorite game: bring down the car GPS estimated arrival time. (Even if its by a minute, you win! Don’t act like you don’t all know what I’m talking about… 🙂

Anyways, I was pretty wiped between the weekend and last weeks first workweek so I decided to treat myself today. (I treated myself a lot in DC too, but not with Paleo treats. Don’t worry, I’ll get to that in a bit..) So I made my favorite Paleo pancakes–a banana, an egg, some almond flour, some paleo chocolate chips–and a little treat, some organic apple butter I brought home from the DC farmers market. Oh, and of course…a beer. Because who doesn’t have beer with pancakes?! (Side note….found an awesome recipe for fall pancakes with pumpkin in them…I’ll post when I make em!) And now I’m just mulling over which movie to watch….my friend Lauren obviously planted the idea for me to watch a Disney movie (I will never ever grow up) so now I’m stuck between Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid….(I love Ariel but Belle is seriously the bomb. she’s smart, pretty, sassy AND rides horses! and I have a feeling she and the beast could realistically follow a Paleo diet, but that cannot be confirmed at this time…)

But yeah I know you didn’t come here to read about my tough first world white girl decision of which Disney movie to watch, (although, your input is greatly appreciated. I love a good Disney movie discussion…) I have some new developments! So I officially, “Graduated” my foundations class –there were a few people but my friends Morgan and Amanda and I were the only ones on the actual, “graduation” day. So on the 8th class (Its over a month) you retest from the first day–On the first day we did a 200 meter run, squats, push ups and ring pull ups (with your feet on the ground…) and we did 15-12-10 sets…then another 200 meter run. The first time I ran it, I did 7:16…and this time I did 5:26! It felt awesome to crush the old time, and I definitely wanna try the test again after another month of crossfit!  I am officially starting tomorrow….probably going to try out doing 3 times a week and running during the off days (to train for the philly half)…but I seriously can’t wait to start! (Thats us all sweaty and happy below…I felt really saucy that day so I wore my “Tron” pants )


Another thing I realized after the test is even through all the push ups I did this month, I still royally suck at them. Again…my arms are always something I’ve struggled with. So I decided to take matters into my own hands–I stopped at Dicks sporting goods on Labor day (And went ape shit over their sales…the guy asked me if I was gonna buy out the whole store. From now on I am not allowed in there alone…I need a chaperone or an adult to watch me for sure. On the flip side, I now have a killer rainbow spectrum of sports bras! #neonforthewin) and I also purchased this little number:

IMG_0026A pull up bar with assisted bands! The bands can do 30 lbs each. I am using 2 of them right now, and can only do about 5 and then I need to stop…but it’s so much fun because it’s right outside my room! Whenever I walk past it I get tempted and I do a few a couple times a day. It’s just enough to get all that moving (I’m just hoping my door frame doesn’t literally collapse. I’m legit having visions about it and then my dad legit slaughtering me haha but I caught my dad staring at it–I have a feeling when I’m not home Randy tries it :] ) Anyways, early birthday gift to me! (Next on the Agenda: customized Reebok Crossfit running sneakers :]

Besides just Crossfit, I also have been studying up some more on Paleo. Besides pinning like a mad woman on Pinterest (its kind of embarrassing how many chocolate/avocado/coconut desserts I’ve pinned…my eyes were a little bigger than my stomach today.) I also took it upon myself to read, “Paleo for Dummies” (I have no qualms saying I’m really a fan of these books)…and It broke everything down really nicely! I even made a note in my iphone for Paleo Grocery lists, which organic fruits/veggies are best to splurge on, which types of meats to buy and terms to look out for, spices and Paleo staples–and it even came with some recipes! (If anyone has an iphone and wants those lists, I can def send em over to you.) I feel like I have a pretty good grip on a lot of it now. (and I feel better telling you guys about it) I’m gonna start taking some vitamins and Fish oil again as well to help my body with omegas. Gotta whip out my grandma pill pack again. (a little tip, if your curious if your fish oil is legit or not and not full of fillers….put it in the freezer. If it freezes, its probably not made up of decent fish oil)

I also have been avoiding my blood test like the plague. I really want to get it done to make sure I’m doing my diet well…but due to my new work schedule I couldn’t get an appointment.(It also doesn’t help that I have a serious phobia of needles.) I’ve been working on it–but its so bad that I still go to my pediatrician to get blood work ( I know what your thinking….but she’s a family friend so she hasn’t kicked me out) She uses the baby needle, lets me pick out a spider-man band or Disney princess band aid, and gives me a lollipop after asking me how my full time career is going. (Side note: I am going to open up a children’s doctors office for adults..I know there is DEF a market for that. Who likes going to a gray, smelly, scary looking doctors office with old people and old magazines?! I don’t want to read AARP or time magazine….I want Spongebob wallpaper and I want clifford the big red dog and to color in Highlights magazine. (If you knew Highlights magazine, I’m giving you an online high five right now. If not, I’m so sorry for your deprived childhood.)

Another thing they tell you is if your on the Paleo diet you can get pH test kits from the drug store–they help test your acidity (prob not saying that exactly right, but yeah..). Your levels should be somewhere in the middle–(if you remember anything about science and pH levels ;] )..meat is acidic and the fruits and veggies help balance it out. Water helps flush out toxins from your system too, so your supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces–and more if your work out! So I’m working on eating more balanced meals, making my lunches for the week, taking vitamins and continuing to keep it interesting meal wise.

So yeah, an awesome, noteworthy veggie I started taking advantage of is Cauliflower. With spaghetti squash it feels like sphaghetti, and with pureed Cauliflower it feels like mashed potatoes….straight up. All you do is steam the Cauliflower, put it in a blender, add salt/garlic powder, (I added a little coconut milk for body and because lets face it, its not Paleo unless something coconut is in it) blend….and bing bang boom, thats how babies are made. I found the recipe on Pinterest (If you follow me on there–I have a, “Paleo, Paleo, Pal-e-ooooo” board with all my recipes I make :] But yeah, if you gave this puree to someone who didn’t know what it was, they would 100 percent think it was mashed potatoes. It was so bonkers it gets a whole paragraph…. I also made seasoned chicken patties in a mushroom/sage/bacon sauce with it. Definitely a recipe worth a try.


Alright. I have more to post about but I will wait a few days. I was gonna ramble on about my trip to DC– and all I’ll say is I fell off the wagon-HARD- for like 2 days. (I did say I would come clean on here)….so here goes. I definitely had homemade cinnamon cookie dough ice cream (It was un-fucking-real. I can’t even find a good metaphor right now. I saw fireworks and Jesus.) I definitely had like 10 pieces of rye artisan bread from the farmers market with apple butter….some munchkins and a GIANT “slice” of pizza from this place when I was drunk that was definitely just half a pizza pie. So yeah, my “20%” went a little overboard, but I did feel like crap after and couldn’t wait to eat clean again….I read a tip that said too if your going to eat badly, make sure its the BEST that you can find of whatever it is. So I feel like when you really stick to that, it makes you appreciate what your eating more. I really tried doing that this weekend, I have no regrets dammit! haha…gotta give a little shout out to my friends. Thanks for not calling me out when you KNEW it wasn’t Paleo lol

I also was on vacation. This doesn’t always seem like a legitamate excuse…but I’m telling you with 100% conviction it is. That’s what I told myself when I gained 8 pounds while studying abroad in Italy. So next time your on vacation and want to eat like a ravenous animal, tell everyone Carly said it was okay because you’re, “on vacation.” Dannie, if your reading this, i know your nodding your head in agree-ance right now haha

Alrighty ladies and gents. It’s been real. I’m exhausted, and I need enough energy to sing along during Beauty and the Beast to “Be our Guest”. (#priorities)



3 thoughts on “Running through train stations…reading paleo books….fallin off the wagon….drinking outta cups.

  1. I was absolutely nodding my head to the “you’re on vacation” comment. You know I live by that when I travel, which, let’s face it…is starting to become a problem!

  2. Oh, also…we will be doing a cauliflower v. mashed potatoes challenge when I get home to see if this Irish girl can be fooled!

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