It’s my party and I’ll write an insanely long post if I want to!

WARNING: This is a long one.

I will start this post off by saying my 25th birthday is Thursday and shit… this week is flying by.

Just a personal note about my feelings on birthdays…when I was younger, leading up to 21–I just wanted to party it up on my birthday AND birthweek..AND birth month. I would have multiple celebrations. Go out. Buy myself everything I wanted (…that I could afford.) Then the bracket of 21-24 I would say I wanted everything previously listed, but to also just be hammered for a week straight. (weather conditions permitting.) Mimosas with breakfast? Sure! And just like in my last post when I spoke about vacation being a good excuse, this month every sentence is currently followed by, “I can ________, it’s my birthday!” And I was thinking maybe I can give you guys a little something else in this blog besides suggestions on your daily Paleo consumption…so here is this wonderful phrase in action:

Examples: A. I can finish that entire 6 pack of beer to myself…it’s my birth(day/week/month)! I can power clash and wear florals or wear a jean jacket with jeans, its my birth(day/week/month)! (this one is just a hypothetical. please do not re-enact). C. I can have that 6th apple cider donut, it’s my birth(day/week/month)! [And since I’m the QUEEN of rationalization, if you want to take this one a step further, explain that apple cider donuts are only prime during the sept-nov months, so there is URGENCY and your doing your fall duty by eating your fill.]

Or there are some people who just really don’t give a fuck. Ever. Good for you guys! I wish I had your stamina! I, on the other hand, as a Virgo, need to lie to myself and others through the beauty and poetry of rationalization in order to feel justified for doing certain things.

Moving right along… what have I decided to do this week that involves Paleo food and this blog? Start Pinning the shit out of my Paleo Pinterest board with every Paleo dessert under the sun! (well…just way more than I normally do) …duh.

And the REASON besides my birthday is that I realized there was something missing from my Paleo diet. Naturally after some evaluating, I realized it was more treats. Dessert is always the answer, right? The, “Sugar Dragon” I mentioned during WHOLE30 has reared its ugly head lately and has been having a slight sugar tantrum. The only conclusion I’ve drawn is it’s because I’ve re-introduced the 20% regular stuff–mostly alcohol/slight allowances (i.e. soy sauce on my steak marinade, a cookie, some craft beers…) and in re-introducing, it awakens the old patterns and urges for me to fall into those bad eating habits. It’s a slippery slope, and I’ve definitely been VERY cognizant of my body’s cravings and signals since I’ve been more lenient.

Everything I’ve read about it is right…once you get past the withdrawals with whole 30, you crave the gluten/dairy less overall and it’s easier to control the cravings. But what happens when you reintroduce gluten? Duh…the cravings come back. It’s like a drug junkie lol… My body is confused again. Just so you know, when you eat gluten, your brain releases endorphins (haha sorry, had to), and your hormones/body get confused–you pretty much just want to eat more, (Ever eat like 3 baskets of bread at a restaurant? like 4 slices of pizza?…..just me? Well then, your name is liar because you LIE) haha but since I eat clean 80% of the week as I’ve started eating the gluten again it’s making it even harder for me to resist those cravings. I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too! So after my birthday week I’ll probably cut back a bit again until I’m where I want to be Crossfit-wise! 🙂

Let me backtrack a bit after my ranting (I can rant, its my birthweek!!!) Sunday I did the Super Spartan at Mountain Creek Ski Resort in NJ-I did it last year. It was so much fun! (see us below-i got gnarly running pants for it!) I did a few things that I couldn’t do last year that I was proud of (except climbing the rope. I WILL GET IT NEXT YEAR-I will retest after a year of Crossfit :] )…I did all the mens’ weighted stuff (I flipped the big tire 4 times! was pretty pumped about it!)…then after the whole thing and spending a while getting mud outta my ears, I decided it was a good idea for some Sunday Funday and to go out for a few beers sunday night. No bueno…I almost missed my train Monday morning to work haha


I feel the need to mention the Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte that everyone is obsessed with…it def deserves its own paragraph. I was majorly stressing monday morning when I woke up late, and at Penn Station I decided to treat myself. Let me set the scene…there were like 100 people waiting for their sugar caffeine crack connections, and naturally there was ANOTHER Carly waiting for her coffee right next to me. Another Carly WITH an LY, who was ALSO getting herself a pumpkin spiced latte. (She looked like my very vegan, hipster Brooklyn twin..btw) Why does this even matter? Because she rushed out with MY latte with regular milk, and I took hers by mistake–which had soy milk. Do I really care that much about Soy milk? No..but I had no time to get another so I took it. I feel it important to address that the Pumpkin Spice Latte has the POWER to turn an entire morning around. That sounds dramatic but it’s true. It tasted like crisp fall air, nostalgic Halloweens of yester-year, and freakin pumpkin pie. I was legit having a, “moment” on the train…I can only imagine how I looked to other morning commuters with the cup nestled in front of my face…probably like the first person who discovered coffee. It was so worth it. And as for the soy…Welp, let’s just say my stomach has ccommunicated to me that it’s placed a hefty restraining order on soy milk.

Later that night, I was feeling pretty frazzled from my stressful monday. I decided to go to Crossfit anyway…and I am so glad that I did. I was very sore from the Spartan, but excited for my first full week (doing 3x a week for now) at Crossfit. The WOD included 4 laps around the building, 1600m rowing, 50 burpees (I did 70 at Spartan so when I saw they were in the workout I wanted to DIE),150 single jump rope jumps and 25 (assisted) pull ups. I really hustled, and beat (not by much) the other guys in my workout! (They, however did REAL pull ups. I can’t do that ish yet…) However, the satisfaction I’ve been getting out of these workouts while I’m dead on the floor afterwords is indescribable. The drive I have to always give everything, even when I’m exhausted—I must be a masochist because I love it.

And after Crossfit, I got going on some of those desserts I mentioned like 10,000 words ago. (sorry I know I can’t keep on one topic lol)…I decided to make this Chia seed chocolate pudding, some cinnamon Paleo bread (I needed SOMETHING to put my organic farmers market Apple butter on….spreading it on an apple just seems like….cannibalism…I dont know…)..and last just another batch of spaghetti squash with a mild fra diavlo-esque sauce, some hot lean turkey sausage and ground lean turkey. (see below!)

IMG_0030 IMG_0029
I am getting a little cray cray in the kitchen, but this batch of sauce came out so much better than my last! I put some hot pepper flakes with the spices in there and it just kicked it up a notch ;] …Everything came out great, I recommend the links I posted for the recipes.

Up next, I have dessert recipes for Paleo chocolate chip banana bread and Almond butter sea salt cups. I have many of the ingredients, we’ll see how it goes.

One last note–Saturday my sister came home for the evening and we all had a BBQ with lots of red wine…needless to say in my sauced up stupor I wanted some dessert that I could make fast. Well, here you go. Cup full’o coookie dough. Make it in 15 minutes. So easy, a drunk Italian girl can do it. You are welcome. (It was amazing by the way with some blueberries…had to counteract the chocolate lol)

Thankfully, I’m running training for Philly (I’ll post a link soon about that, I’m fundraising for my aunt’s charity for cancer! 🙂 and doing Crossfit 3x a week so it will counteract this dessert (in moderation!! haha) craze that I’m having. Oh, and did I say it was my birth month? Cause it is.

I will post after my crazy birthday weekend…I’m sure I’ll have stories.

Stay classy, (and happy!) San Diego!


PS- I just remembered…Remember last post when I said I will most definitely fall down in my flats on the subway and it will be glorious and I would be sure to post it? Well guess what…call that ish a self-fulfilling prophecy. The day after an insane leg Crossfit workout I was rushing to catch the express train on the Subway, had a large hot passion tea from Starbucks in my hands, and tripped on the steps. I ended up getting a small crack in my phone, face-planted, and got hot tea all over my left arm. And missed the express train by 10 seconds. Right after this happened 2 people were like legit following me asking, “are you okay?! oh my god! are you okay?” and all I wanted to do was keep running and say, “Thanks, but GO AWAY!!” because I know they mean well, but I DO NOT like to not acknowledge these types of things…I just like to pretend it never happened! haha

See? I post my bad food blunders AND my klutziness blunders. I am here for your entertainment.


One thought on “It’s my party and I’ll write an insanely long post if I want to!

  1. I love when you fall because you really do just pick yourself up, look around quickly and head towards your destination with such fury and determination! I’d like some of these desserts sent to me, because me of all people, have turned into a sweets-maniac!! I can’t say no to ice cream, cookies or cakes…I’m you – circa Italy 2010 when there was a gelato shop every five feet!

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