You can sleep when you’re dead…or you can sleep on the train.

Hello, All.

Sounds kind of random, but while I was brushing my teeth Wednesday night, circa 12:45 AM- I was thinking about the phrase busy people say when they barely have any time to sleep–“I can sleep when I’m dead.”

This…is true. But sleep feels SO much better than being dead! (Well…I mean I think…I’ll have to find a zombie and ask). What I’m getting at is that feeling when you climb into your pit of luxury (Katie I hope you’re reading this) and your head hits the pillow is one of the most amazing feelings in the universe….Sitting here now it even rivals the amazing Stein of Dinkelacker Oktoberfest I drank all day today haha

You can sleep when you’re dead, but you can also sleep on your train rides to and from work. (#compensation #winning #misplacedunneccessaryhashtagging ) Reason being? My lack of sleep: I’ve decided to shake up my workweek–switch my schedule from Crossfit at 7:30 PM and attempt to do Crossfit at 6 AM. You know…before work. When it’s dark still out. And I know a small amount of people probably try to work out before the sun comes up, but I have NEVER been one of them-let alone be awake enough to do kettle bell swings or box jumps. Case and point: when even the Sun is still hitting the snooze button cause he doesn’t even want to wake up for HIS damn job-you probably shouldn’t be awake either.

And when it comes to my sleep, I take it pretty damn seriously. I have always had black out shades in my room….it’s so dark that if I don’t open the shades just a sliver I could probably sleep through a good portion of winter. (I know I’m currently employed, but if Puxatawney Phil is looking to retire and his employers are reading this, I am a total shoe-in….) My bed is also the most comfortable bed in the world. (This is a fact.) and in this bed…most weekends I can sleep in until 11/12.  I’m also a heavy sleeper when I’m out….I’ve fallen asleep in the back seat of my friend Danielle’s car during a long trip while she played Skrillex and house music blaring out of the speakers. We can thank momma bear Kathy for this, she would drive me around the back seat of the car in hopes I would fall asleep some nights as a little cub and it worked every time. Fast forward to now– when I’m on the train I use this to my advantage: I will set an alarm on my iphone, listen to music, hold my bag with a kung fu grip and nap roughly 30-40 min in the mornings and evenings.

Now I know that many people use this time to decompress, check e-mails and social media, watch movies and most importantly…read books…..And oh–I was prepared to be that person. I WANTED to be that person. As a matter of fact I got like 2,000 e-books from my friend, and I planned on switching between serious and casual reads in hopes of making me more cultured or some shit. I don’t know.

But what do I do when my butt hits the train seat? I tilt my head back and black out (possibly drool)…and sometimes I pass out so hard that when I wake up I feel like I was out for 1,000 years. (And if we are underground in the tunnel to Penn station–it always feel like this and the train conductor looks at me like Willy Wonka. It’s a little scary when you’re disoriented from such a nap.) Although my mom used to drive me, I also attribute my newfound ability of falling asleep like Mr. Bean anytime to A. my lack of sleeping beyond 5 hours every night and B. the Paleo diet. That’s right, I said it. I really do think my sleep has been more productive since I started this diet (cutting out dairy and wheat allows your body to run productively, and when your intestines aren’t inflamed/having a hard time digesting your meals your body doesn’t get disrupted during your sleep cycles).

So on that long, drawn out note…I am doing the best I can right now given this schedule. Most days I have to rush to the train before work, I do my makeup before my little nap, and most importantly I cook all my meals for work either sundays or the night before. I’m usually running on 5 hours of sleep and until I can get used to this I’m exhausted…but I will say I know what I want out of this–I am happy and run more efficiently on this diet, and I want to be in the best shape of my life….so for me the sacrifices have been worth it. (Amount of effort=amount of payoff! )

Moving on, I had very fun birthday celebrations last weekend! I am incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends–not only did I enjoy an awesome meal on my actual birthday at Osso Buco (I ate everything non paleo on purpose haha it was opposite day…) but then Saturday my best friend Jen made me an oreo cake, and bought me a new lunch box and my very first Paleo cookbook 🙂 It’s called, “Paleo Lunches on the Go”….it’s written by this nutritional practitioner Diana Rogers, who lives on a farm 🙂 and who had struggled with Celiac’s disease when she was younger and found this diet to work for her. I really enjoyed the beginning of the book–it breaks paleo dos and don’ts down, mentions some great spices to be stocked with, and has a great list of dressings and sauces to make, I recommend it!



I am not sure yet but I’m thinking about Julia Child-ing this book and making as many of the recipes as I can. so far, I’ve made 1-2 meals and some sauces to spice up my salads.
IMG_0007 IMG_0008

This week for work I made homemade mayo & chicken salad on pieces of crispy red cabbage! It really came out awesome and was so easy to make…I was a little lazy and bought kirkland Costco brand canned chicken but since they can it it has some preservatives–you’re better off cutting and cubing your own meat! But I made some homemade mayo–which believe it or not is just egg, olive oil, salt and pepper and dijon mustard. I made the chicken salad with the mayo, salt, pepper, a mix with some almonds in there, grapes and put some of those mixed bags of cabbage in to make it crunchy.

For my breakfasts, I also made some sweet potato pancakes to go along with whatever meat, eggs or bacon I had lying around 🙂 I also learned the hard way that Potato starch DOES NOT have a substitute-coconut flour didn’t work so well…. I got really tired of trying to google substitutes in recipes so I dropped about 50 dollars at A Matter of Health to pick up things like potato starch and some spices–paprika, tamarin, cumin, and other common meat spices. These are staples for your Paleo cabinet… Sometimes you have to just bite the bullet–with Paleo spicing up the meat prevents the meals from getting boring so I would really recommend it! 🙂

A little something else I discovered while pinning on pinterest is that making chocolate pudding is INCREDIBLY easy. How do you do this without milk? Well, you take 1 avocado, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon almond butter, a little sea salt and 1-2 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa (I throw in a few good life milk/gluten/soy free chocolate chips…) and BAM, chocolate pudding. Stupid easy…and this has been becoming dangerous. I’ll finish 1 avocado in a day, but with all this extra stuff I am working on not making this an everyday occurrence haha How do we know this is good? My sister said if I didn’t tell her it was avocado, she would have thought it was pudding. heck yes.


In other news…Crossfit, as time consuming as it has been has also been amazing. I know I’ve said this before, but this was my first really full week of Crossfit. I went 4 days–I’m working on maybe doing 5 I just have to get past this tired stage and make sure I’m getting enough sleep. Every class I’ve been trying to put in as much as I have, even when it’s early and I’m certain when I’m doing pushups I’m really just half asleep.

Besides tracking my progress on this awesome WOD app where I can write in the workouts and what my times/weights were, this week something really amazing happened. I had always talked to people who did crossfit or friends who personal trained and I always said how I was very jealous of people who could do handstand pushups or handstands, and how I couldn’t wait to learn. Well one day last week after the 7:30 class, I was talking to my coaches and one of them said, “why don’t you just try it? It’s really more technique.”

I said, psh, yeah my arms are gonna cave! What I will say is when you do it, form is really important- you have to keep your arms locked, and commit to the move. It can’t be a half assed thing at all, like you have to push yourself up. (It reminded me a lot of yoga poses people can do that have always made me extremely jealous…)…BUT, after a few attempts…this happened. I still can’t believe I did it and when I got home and showed my mom and was able to even do it again i was so excited. That’s a big part of Crossfit I’m discovering…everyone has their own goals and it’s amazing to share them with your fellow crossfitters, help encourage them and move them along, and to do it altogether. I think that’s why people think its a, “cult”, is because it’s really just a group of people who are just VERY excited about getting fit.  There is a quote that says, “Crazy is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” Maybe we’re a little too crazy….but I’m okay with that 🙂

I will also say…this birthday–hitting 25 felt different for me than any other…the timing of it all…the drastic changes–my job, crossfit, doing Paleo–I am still not comfortable or settled here yet but I’m having a lot of fun discovering myself in this place. I feel like my life is on this whole new track, and with all of this it’s helping me become the person I want to be. This blog has become a fun thing for me as well, I’m really having fun making a mess every Sunday in the kitchen and sharing my adventures with anyone who will listen 🙂 Thanks for the feedback, guys!

Alright I’m already starting to ramble. I need it to be tomorrow so I can erase all the damage I did at Bear Mountain Oktoberfest today….(lets just say there was a belgian waffle with pumpkin pie ice cream. I have NO regrets!! hahaha) Getting in bed and watching It’s always sunny on my iPad….what a grandma I’ve become.

Goodnight all!

ps- I am also currently training (or attempting to find the time to) for the Philadelphia 1/2 marathon… I ran it last year/fundraised with my aunt Vici’s organization, “ComforTree”– a non-profit organization that provides free monthly non-toxic housecleaning for cancer patients. Their mission is to help make cancer patients and their families lives more manageable by providing free monthly non-toxic housecleaning while they are undergoing treatment. The Cancer cause is important to a lot of people and hits pretty close to home for me, and right now I’m trying to fundraise! If you’re feeling giving, my link is here 🙂


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