I lift things up and I put them down. (Barbells and eating utensils.)


🙂 Hope you’re all having a good pre-Halloween week! I haven’t seen that many absolutely whorrifying costumes pop up on my Facebook news feed just yet, but the week is young! And for the guys who love all the sluttiness this holiday has transformed into, you should probably check these out. I just want to say I don’t care how much you love Sesame Street characters, it should be a law to not turn them into slut form. It’s sacrilegious–you don’t eff with Big Bird! I’m so excited to take a trip down 90s memory lane for my Halloween costume–it’s a surprise and I’m working really hard on it. And by working hard on it I mean, as my college friends can attest, being a boss with the hot glue gun.

I’m also officially on door duty Thursday when all the trick or treaters come. Last year when this happened, I had to actually start rationing the candy by 8 PM because every little kid was taking candy from the bowl like it was the hunger games. This year, after my mom bought a first round of Halloween candy (she doesn’t eat any of it), I asked if my parents could be a little more careful with the candy and sweets around me due to my extreme lack of self control. Then I come home the next day and my dad purchased a costco-sized bag of all fun sized chocolate bars, waiting for me on the counter. It was, as I like to call it, the “No Chocolate Left Behind” bag: Snickers, Twix, Almond Joy (which for .5 seconds I almost justified as paleo) M&Ms, Reeses, KitKat…you get it. Well when nobody was home I had pretty much no question in my mind what kind of scenario was going to go down. No further comment on this matter.

But the good news for the children this year is unlike last year when they each took 6 pieces and I yelled, “Please only take 1-2, there is a RECESSION.” (then shot a look at the parents. I was in a bad place…I was trying to get another job and pretty pissed at Obama. As Dumbledore said, those were dark times, Harry. Dark times…) But this year I am going to be giving candy out like we’re on Oprah’s Favorite things episode. “And you get 5 twix, and you get 5 snickers!” I should even throw in a box of glutonous pasta amongst other things I can’t have anymore.

Moooving right along…So somewhere between this post and last, I decided to do Whole 30 again. At the BBQ after Barbells for Boobs, a few of us were talking and realized it probably wouldn’t hurt to get back on track–so now it’s a little competition at my gym this month. It’s only been about a week, but I am realizing just how hard it is to do it again once you’ve proven you can do it once before. I am also even less willing to give up beer/alcohol…I need it. When you’re commute is 3-4 hours everyday, it’s almost hard to keep your sanity. However, I feel semi-responsible given the crappy effort I’ve done to train for my Philly Half. So I’ll attempt to significantly cut it down…but I will be drinking a bit on Halloween. Sorry I’m not sorry. Also, I’m really sorry I used that phrase. Please don’t judge me, I already judge myself.

So one night this past week my neighbor Christine came over to hang out for a bit. Christine is a good friend of mine and used to babysit me when I was a lot younger…and I’m sure I was a miniature nightmare. (Whether I still am is debatable.) Let me tell you all a little fun fact…to this day, I don’ think Christine has seen the end of the Lion King because I used to run, yell and hide behind the couch right before Mufasa was about to die. So I would make her rewind it to the beginning and watch it again. So obviously after years of being a bratty babysit-ee and also not seeing each other in a while I decided I would cook her something nice 🙂 After work I stopped off at Fairway (nobody is surprised) and picked up this little beauty below…(sorry the pictures are so small. damn iphone-click to enlarge.)

photo 1 photo 4

That would be a pork loin stuffed with Turkish apricots and dates….and my mom was nice enough to bring home a special that day–BACON wrapped scallops over steamed spinach from our restaurant, Osso Buco. I just want to say that if Jesus ever had a dinner party, those penguin suit waiters would be carrying these around. (And craft beer.) They are THAT good. Ugh. To cook the pork, I put the pork loin in a layer of organic apple cider, rubbed some salt/pepper/garlic/olive oil on it (theres enough fat/juice in the pork) and put sweet potatoe and apple chunks around it, and popped it in the oven around 375 degrees. It came out awesome, you want it to brown but also to keep an eye on it because you definitely want it to be juicy! Time is dependent on how big that sucker is.


photo 4I also got to make some homemade chicken salad for work, which was relatively easy. Just grilled up plain chicken, I made the mayo myself (takes 15 minutes–just egg, olive oil, organic dijon mustard and lemon…) This is great because you can make some pretty big batches of it, and throw it on top of salad, eat it hot or cold, and its a nice snack with protein. Just don’t overdo it with the craisins like I did…this was before I started whole 30 and they’re definitely not. As I’ve started this whole 30, I’m also trying to be wary of excess fruit I’m consuming. As I said last post, my friend Sam let me borrow his, “It Starts with Food” Whole 9 book and I’m learning all over again why I can’t have any of this stuff. Apparently, fruit in large portions is still enough to spike your blood sugar and cause those cravings for bad things. As sad as it was, I had to say goodbye to grapes yesterday for a little while.

Okay, gonna switch over to Crossfit talk now. So I had plans change last minute, and decided since that Saturday was now free to sign up for Barbells for Boobs at my box. Essentially, you do the, “Grace” Crossfit workout for Breast Cancer awareness month…which is 30 clean and jerks for time. I am excited because I was able to fundraise $125 dollars just 2 days before when I wasn’t sure I could get anything there at all. (Thank you to all who donated!!). My gym met goal too which was awesome! So I was a little nervous, but this was more of a smaller event with just my gym. I did it and I ended up having a really great time. I would post the time, but I know I was under the standard weight for Grace. Competing still makes me a little nervous–and I was more focused on not compromising form then on doing it sloppily with more weight. It was more of just a fun event for a good cause.

photo 2    The following Saturday, I had also signed up for the Scream And Clean with my friends MG, Sam and Brian. (2 guys, 2 girls). It took place at Danbury Crossfit in CT with many other boxes from around NY/CT/etc. We decided to be the Blue Barracudas from legends of the hidden temple (I don’t even think anyone really knew because we didn’t have the gold helmets. next time!) Just to break it down, there were 3 WODS (workouts) in both scaled and RX. (We were in scaled, RX is fricken hard and for experienced Crossfitters) The first WOD was both girls/guys switch off doing dead lifts, clean and jerks, and push presses. I forgot how annoying push presses are…my arms definitely need work!

Next wod was a little more fun in my opinion…guy/girl sets, both the guy and girl have to do 500 m row, then split between the two 100 American Kettlebell swings, 75 box jumps and 50 hand release pushups. I have to say I used to love box jumps cause I’m a weirdo, but after a certain amount where I literally tried to propel myself and got NOTHING, it went down on my preferred workout list haha…I also love rowing. I like finding that systematic motion and amount of strength/pull, its kind of a rhythm.

Last, was a max weight front squat. All four of us had 12 minutes to get 10 front squats in at a max working weight for each of us. I did 10 at 85 lbs, and after everyone went, I gave 95 a shot…the problem through the whole thing was we were definitely rushing and throwing around 10, 15, 25, and 25 lb dumbbell weights on the ends, and the judge kept asking us how much weight we had for each person– totally his job!! 😡 — so we kept obviously getting confused. Later, when I was failing to figure out what my max weight actually was, I decided to just go over to the practice bar in the other room and give it a go. I did 105 front squat, and was really excited about it! New PR for me. I can slowly feel a lot of this getting easier…in the way the movements feel more natural as you start to get better. Kinda wish I could fast forward 5-8 months, but I know you can’t rush these things 🙂

Our team, the “Rockland Rebels” (aka pee wee softball team name as I like to call it) came in last in scaled (however…so many teams really should have been in RX, but sometimes the guys can’t find 2 girl partners who are equally as skilled yet) but even so I really just did not care. I still don’t. I signed up to have fun with my friends and I had a blast with everyone at Rebel, and I got to meet some great people too. I also got over my Crossfit competition phobia that people weren’t going to be as nice haha (Some of the girls during equestrian competitions I used to go to in college were NOT nice.) It’s nice to be able to talk to people about all this stuff, especially when I KNOW non-Crossfitters can’t really muster up a shit to give about a lot of it. And I really don’t blame them. I mean, when I think of football, I don’t watch it, I don’t really get a lot of it and because of that I don’t like talking about it. (But i DO like wings and beer. Football fans definitely got that right.)

Also, I’ve been training on the weekends for the Philly half….and I’m sad to say it’s probably going to be my last one for a little while. I put in 10 miles 2 weeks ago (struggle CITY) and will be doing more this weekend….but I just feel like I don’t have the desire to run as often as I used to. It doesn’t mean I’ll cut it out completely….I still love it. But we need a little break from each other. (Plus I get teased at my gym for doing it. Apparently people either love or absolutely loathe running.)

Alright, that’s it for now. If you were only here for the recipes and managed to stick through the second half of that, seriously, thanks.

And please post some good Halloween photos from this coming weekend. I need entertainment at work Monday!!



2 thoughts on “I lift things up and I put them down. (Barbells and eating utensils.)

  1. I love these posts so much, you just make me laugh! Also at my job we serve the bacon wrapped scallops as an appetizer and I have been refusing to eat them until my last weekend for fear that I wouldn’t stop. They are quite delicious! cant wait to see you!!

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