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Okay, so its been a while for real. But what better time then a snow day after consuming 2 whole Paleo sushi rolls and 14 episodes of Breaking Bad!? I will fill you all in on stuff & things. Ready? Eating (a lot of non paleo stuff) , sleeping, working, eating, and Crossfitting. And then eating some more. (But really..I think my blood December 31st was running 88% Christmas cookie and 12% regret. My body has never been so excited to go back to Paleo…) Had many holiday parties/work stuff going on between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and some things going on at home… Had a minor emergency, like when I was taking glitter nail polish off my nails and ran out of Nail Polish Remover–then out of sheer laziness only had 3 nails painted for a few days. That was rough on my overall dignity until I could get my ass to the store, but I muscled through. uhhhh…yeah. That pretty much sums up October to now.

On a quick side note that will lead to New Years goals– today I was on Facebook and 3 people I know got engaged. THREE people! Just today. And look, I’m not annoyed or anything–I’m honestly really happy for those people. I think it’s a huge deal to find the person you wanna spend the rest of your life with. I think when you know, you know! But shit…having that said…..I can’t even imagine being engaged right now!! I have so many activities to do before then! The last thing I was actually, “engaged” in was a really hard word jumble in this weekend’s paper. I got stuck on, “NEPCAR”….which was apparently, “PRANCE.”(I also may or may not have gotten sidetracked reading Garfield…) Or when I’m in the kitchen engaged in cooking a baller veggie avocado omelette while simultaneously nailing a Kid Cudi rap verse after the 100th listen.  Or maybe when I’m at Crossfit and I’m carefully engaged in making sure the wall ball doesn’t smack me square in the face, or slapping another 2.5 lb plate onto a loaded barbell just to see if that will make or break me being able to lift it.

But I can’t even think of actually being engaged to SOMEONE right now. That’s the rest of your LIFE. That’s a long time!!! (If you haven’t seen this Aziz/conan interview where he talks about getting engaged…he can explain it better than I can. This is exactly what I mean–I promise it’s worth the 4 minutes.) I am excited for the time in my life where I find the right person and that DOES happen, and to be in a relationship again, but right now I’m in no rush. I have some goals for this year, and I’m pretty damn excited about them.

As with many people, I have just a couple “resolutions” for this new year. Some of these include: Crossfitting 5 days a week, eating Paleo through 2014 doing 80% Paleo 20% normal food (with some adjustments–I’ll mention later), get a better grip on saving my money, start journaling, do one kind act a day…..get a six pack, start my own neon gym clothing line, and make millions making the cleanest, bluest crystal meth that the Mexican Drug Cartel has ever seen.

Okay…so some are probably more realistic than others. And one may have already been achieved by a chemist from Albuquerque. Always have to have that one, “black sheep” goal, right?!

But coming back on this blog regularly is another goal of mine. So tonight, I wanted to share the Paleo sushi recipe(s) I’ve used the past 2 days. I had really been craving something other than chicken and turkey, and I had these Nori papers straight up chillen in my cabinet for 2 months. At Fairway on Thursday night getting canned coconut milk, I stumbled upon the, “Asian” section of the aisle and saw a little bamboo sushi rolling mat. That was all I needed to spur an experimental sushi night, along with some non-soy sauce coconut aminos and wasabi powder (did you know that you just add cold water and it makes wasabi?! black magic.)

I then went over to the seafood section and carefully selected fish for the rolls. I really know nothing about raw fish, so I was a little nervous about just going real rogue with some raw tuna or using that creepy imitation crab meat. (But really…what is that?) I then asked the guy for a Snow King Crab leg (They are HUGE…all they had were just the legs and I got freaked out thinking how big they must be. I had to look it up–here you go. Terrifying.) I also picked up some avocado, shredded carrot, and cucumber for the sushi veggies. When I got home I realized I forgot Cauliflower for the “rice”–so I used plain Quinoa instead.

Quick note on Quinoa…I realize that Quinoa is NOT technically Paleo. Why? Because it’s a pseudo grain (it explains it more here.) I know in general with Paleo stuff, a lot of it comes down to what personally upsets your stomach. Some people can have certain foods and be just fine. Quinoa never upsets my stomach–and now Crossfitting a lot more every week/running I find when I have it occasionally it gives me more energy. I originally felt bad about this, but I have to say just in general with Paleo it’s on a pretty individual basis. The point of the whole30 and post whole30, “food re-introduction” is to see which foods can “trigger” bad digestive responses in your own body. So I’ll be making a few minor judgement calls like that…just nothing like, “I need 15.5 Paleo cookies and 4 pieces of Bacon daily in order to efficiently run.” (Although I still believe this to be true in my delusional dreams, I know that isn’t going to make me get in the type of shape I want to be.) I’m a lot better at Paleo then I was in August when I was eating fruit all day.

But back to the sushi…I put all the ingredients together and it came together pretty well. Because the Quinoa wasn’t so sticky, the rolls fell apart a little. Then my dad came home and I just looked like a slob eating a giant mixture of sushi gut insides. (Once, twice, three times a lady….) Anywhoo- I pulled from a few different recipes (1, 2, 3 ) and took some of my own liberties as well. It’s fun to get creative with them! (coconut shrimp and snow king crab leg rolls below)

IMG_0034 IMG_0033 IMG_0032Tonight I did things a little differently and actually made the rolls with Cauliflower rice. It was SUPER easy to make(and really yummy)–Just get a cheese grater to give it that rice-like texture. If you blend it, most likely it will turn into mashed potatoes…so I recommend the grater. Then, I put it in a pan with a little coconut oil to steam and just a LITTLE raw honey to get it to stick together. I also opted with organic canned tuna–because just HALF a snow king crab leg was like $8 at Fairway.( Apparently Thursday night I just wanted to eat like a boss.) With the tuna, I did my own mix of a small amount of organic dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and mashed avocado. I put it on a Nori roll with the, “rice”, avocado, carrot, and mango and wow..it came out awesome. I had 2 rolls and didn’t even feel guilty about it since it was all veggies/tuna.



And it wasn’t as hard to do as I thought! Mostly just getting all the ingredients together. I’m probably going to start doing it more often and with different veggies/seafood to switch things up a bit! I have some fun Paleo recipes in mind for this month 🙂

Alright, thats all for now kids.
If you have any resolutions, I hope you stick with em! 🙂



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